Dog breaks yellow mucus and behaves strange ... possible intoxication `?

Hi, My Dog (Jack Russell) behaves funny since the last 5 hours. It all started when we were home and they suddenly broke, the vomit consisted exclusively of white / yellow foam. In the last 5 hours, they still broch 2x, also it behaves quite quiet and eat and drink denied (Dry bread and chamomile). My fear is that they may have eaten a poisoned baits because they almost exclusively run off the lead and in my area ultimately appeared messages.

What should I do ? Is it possibly something harmless `?


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Has he eaten grass on an empty stomach? Then it looks at my out as you describe it. Who do you poison suspect notdienst from the TA :)

Just had my Fox already twice. Was the next day by,

What is a dog with bread and chamomile tea? Give him fresh meat and water.

When suspected poisoning because i will not wait long and am on my way to the next animal medical emergency. Every minute / hour can be there too late.

Thanks for all the answers. The Night Has You keep quiet. Today it was around a lot and sometimes trembled. I talked to a vet and we will observe the behavior now first. Fortunately, she has now started eating again.

If you suspect poison, then you should urgently go to the vet.

If something it is always difficult to ask the Internet - driving in doubt to the vet. A poisoned every minute counts.

The dog now gets nothing to eat and drink only fresh water and nothing else available ...

The vomitus suggests gastric bile juices and mucus.

If you go to the vet, then try a sample take from the vomit.

Gets the dog fever, you should belong to the vet today with the dog to the first patient.

My dog ​​had between also. This usually comes from the fact that the stomach is too acidic, if they have not eaten for more. Offer your dog some water and normal dog food in and see if he / she receives it with chamomile tea and bread dogs can not do much mostly;) But if you have the presumption with a poison bait, then you should probably prefer the nearest animal emergency or in take the next animal hospital!

I would go for security to the vet. Better safe than sorry!

Consult a vet !!!

with suspicion to a poisoning you have immediately for prompt intervention or in the animal hospital!

why should the dog eat bread that is not healthy and helpful! google morosche carrot soup -the helps very often

To the veterinarian! Now!

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