Dog breed for active seniors wanted!

But no small breed of dog, about knee high

The best answer

I want to recommend a Tibetan Terrier. A Tibetan Terrier Mix or a Tibetan Spaniel (not knee high but Grosser dog in to small fur) out of the question.

Look here, under Tibetan Terrier and Tibet mixes.

Apart from twice a week nötigem combing (best when shared television) of the Tibetan Terrier is easy to maintain, overcome any mountain hiking, pleased with Turnierhundesport or agility or a joggendes Frauerl or owner.

Activity and everywhere. With careful management a delightfully good-natured dog. The home also all Fünfe times be can grade.

Please go to the shelter. There are many dogs waiting for a loving welcome. The keepers know their charges very carefully and will recommend the right dog for active seniors. In addition, you can times the sample previously Gassigehen. Not the race, but the nature and the character of the dog is crucial.

Please adopt, not buy.

I would recommend the course to the shelter. There is plenty of choice and certainly a fitting dog there!

Poodle or Poodle mixed breed

Labrador :)


Kleiner Münsterländer?

Go to the animal shelter and is looking for an older model

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