Dog breeds raise one good high kan but still not too small

Seeking a breed of dog that you can lift well but they may not yet be too small!

I also like'd know if you have an idea how I meien father persuasive again a dog to buy?

The best answer

Jeck rattle (sorry, do not know how that is written), or perhaps a Pinscher, little poodle. Since there are many types. But please do get you a dog from a shelter, because they are very happy when they get a new master / mistress. These dogs from the shelter are perhaps years at the shelter. Personally, I am totally against breed of dogs, as there are enough dogs in the shelter, which previously had a perhaps not as great life and looking for a new home. Since you have not more breed dogs because the dogs then not find the shelter a new home and are perhaps locked forever in these small chambers. And with the growing dogs people just want to make money and the dogs in the shelter are which matter. So you get a dog from a shelter, so he great new gets home and muss.Geh no longer live in this small chamber just once to the shelter because there are plenty of dogs in this scale.

LG mokikimo

That depends on your lifting technique and how well the dog has learned. My dog ​​I can well lift and even - placed around the neck - a whole corner drag, and also sporting 30kg fighting weight. Folding the Rotti from buddy also weighing ne corner more. Depends on how athletic you are ;-)

Strange question, but it fits my fox terrier perfection. He can lift loose, well wear a piece, but is not really small (compared to dachshunds, Jack Russell Terrier, Maltese and Chi).

He is completely waterproof - can loose 30 minutes at a stretch swim (more I've not tested yet) - and more than 20km run on the day.

However, he is also very lively and need a lot of action.

Why should a dog be lifted? That may no dog and caused him stress! It can be trained, the need is not him anyway. In an emergency, the weight of the dog has advantages. Depending on what you can lift. When my dog ​​with its 75 kg I have a serious problem.

Persuasion rarely works well. You should be able to convince him. Only if all family members a pet really want it to function permanently. What if you have no time to go your own way? Just think times in the future, so about 15 years. Dad has his reasons for rejection and knows you.

Say that you are very important to get used to a dog and no dog not mer can and with a dog you're more in the fresh air

Maltese are great dogs. Have yourself a mix and know a few others. Very intelligent, happy, can easily learn tricks and are very loving and cuddly, but still vespielt. But relatively small.

Why does he want a dog more?

you zäumst the perd from behind ..

if you wish to make your father a dog palatable, then imagine him just a cute dog from the animal shelter.

However, he is determined to have his reasons why he procures no new dog. maybe he wants simply no longer so take a big responsibility ...

should anyone pushing a dog ....

Also, if you are not of the opinion that it would be good for him ...

Well, here can be even the bored schoolchildren always new criteria for Dog Breeds selection come ...

The only true dog for you comes from the toy department of large department stores ...

And here also parents are never persuaded to fulfill the wish for a separate living dog their children.

Well, now seeking good times with the help of the good aunt Google for the breed dog of your dreams - to save then you start to talk of money; if you have enough together, you're determined age and can dispense with the consent of your parents ...

Dogs do not belong on the arm! If your father may have a dog you should respect that maybe! Since you have probably care about you to the dog until you have no more desire and the animal has to go. Apart from not just bring you a dog you earned it. Tell your father that you're going to hold out to take care of the dog and then peep perhaps even in the animal shelter after

A border collie perhaps? Convince you already have to himself which tell it good for your social development would;)

yeah I - every animal shelter has enough dogs that are grown, and you can then choose whether you like them, whether they suit your environment to your arbettsalltag and whether they are light enough to wear high!

wobwi I really assume that you wanted to have a portable dog because you live in an upper floor and not because you want paris hilton nachaffen.

The question is what you have to offer the dog ...

a dog has a few demands on its holder and not all want boating ..

Why do you have to lift it well?

Dogs for lifting are here:

http: // gclid = Clim ...?

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