Dog Bucks fell ?!

Yesterday I was with my dog ​​in a dog park and have had to run around him there freely. Then came a slightly larger dog and my dog ​​has placed his coat to his back and neck. I would be interested what that means, it has something to do with archeology or anxiety? I thank you in advance for any reply!

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may balk coat everything from excitement over anxiety to aggression his. You can find it in more detail out when you look at the attitude of tail and ears anschaust (Rute High - rather Aggression / self-locking, tail down rather anxious, ears high-confidently, backwards - anxious to anxious, aggressive) peep Get it out pictures to body language when dog see and then you can have rather take a picture. Tip: guck also how the other dog looked like, and how the two interact.

my dog ​​has placed his coat to his back and neck. I would be interested what that means

that has to mean different things. From defense, afraid to aggressiveness. As a dog owner you know, unfortunately, very little about the body language (D) of a dog. Books about it serve as a good source of information. But Google spits a lot from it.

My dogs always do it from uncertainty. Real aggresives behavior I know not of my dogs. But for any reason you see the other remaining body language.

But even there wirs the coat provided. You should urgently deal with the issue times body language.

That's fear.

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