Dog buy despite perhaps the start of training?

Hello my dears,

In the shelter there is a dog with whom I have a couple of times was a walk now and I would like to take him with me .... But it looks like I soon get a training place and I'm really not sure whether it would be right if I no longer have the time sooo ...

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This is not good. Either the education suffers (bad) or the dog comes too short (not good). In such cases, check Always least half a year, if that's possible in training. Otherwise, this can be a nasty crash landing.

Tip: Make only at least six / seven months training without a dog. Do you notice that there is still room for a dog, okay. Otherwise, it is better for you and the dog, if you do not take him.

It is you not have the time for the dog, not only in training but also afterwards in the full-time job. No dog should regularly have to be alone, and if it is not possible to prevent, there should be no more than 4 hours.

For the dog, it would not be so great if he had to do so much change with and then also would be alone all day. Maybe you can him also only times continue to run and watch as your working hours would be and look like it would fit with a dog. A dog needs time to get used to something. It is also important its history.

I would ask the staff from the animal shelter) they know how much time the dog in availing how old he is and whether he has yet to be formed ... when the dog example, a very quiet journeyman is to be perhaps a few hours alone can and already well-trained is enough there when he repeatedly comes a day out (preferably in the morning noon and night) and morning and evening gets attention;)


I think you are giving you the answer it myself ... and I find that very well.

A dog needs not only a place to sleep, food and a great line but requires respect and a caring. Outlet and time.

Your thoughts approach is the right and when you come for you to decide that you can not afford this time or want to otherwise exploit rather, then you do not get the dog into the house.

I think every dog ​​has better home than in a shelter.

BUT, you may find someone who can take care of the dog temporarily when you're not there, because you can not a dog being eight hours let alone. Parents, siblings, neighbors? Otherwise, it is difficult except .......... you must take him in training. Office or so since the would indeed.

takes care of the otherwise ejmand around the dog, if you do the training?

a dog you'll have to be alone gewowehnen that needs time ... and later he should no longer than max 4-6 hours alone must beliben.

catch it first time with the training, and then you'll see how much time you still remains!

a dog takes a lot of time as you determined yes know ... I do not know what do for a training you, but if you have a hobby in addition to training, the time is probably just for a dog .. :)

Waiting until after the training.

A dog needs especially in the adaptation period extremely much care and attention.

If you can not take care of him properly you in time due, then take also not on.

Do yourself and the dog a favor.

Where is the dog during your absence, renounce and make first training.

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