Dog buy three cats

Hello my mom and I want us adopt a dog and it all fits but I can have a dog when we have three cats

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I do not qualify for your cat, how are we to tell you on this issue something?

I have two dogs and a long time two cats, now is only one. The animals understand quite well. Only when eating, I have to be careful because my dogs understand no fun.

Hello Cecce05! :-)

Unfortunately, your information is too scanty to you really recommend to ... How old are the cats, there are outdoor cats, they know dogs?

My experience with dogs and cats are positive throughout, but I have to write, it was never hounds ... dachtet on what kind of dog you?

Principle must always be present enough retreat possibilities for the Cats! For more specific information you can also hope for "better" answers :-)

Greetings from


It depends ... if the dog is brought up and the cats are not bitchy then adjusts the!

the cat Outdoor cat? how they react to a dog?

frankly, I would expect no 3 cats dog!

Actually your mother and you should know best whether your 3 cats would tolerate a dog.

Why do you want to learn from us as we think about it?

Why a dog is because now move in with you?

Only to say: I have a dog ???

I always dogs and cats zusamen gehalten- but my cats were always release prisoners, so much out there and knew then a uch dogs. my letze present bitch also came to my 3 day release to hangovers - it has super cats to behave towards and therefore did not behave the hangover opposite her exaggerated. after a week everything was okay and mitlerweile all three best friends of the bitch.

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