Dog by Futterunstellung makes verhäuft big business

Good morning everyone,

yes .. As mentioned in the question, I have my dog ​​converted the feed. (Prague Mixed Breed, 6,5 kilos). I have to say ... With him a food allergy was found. Dodge feed on Kängaroo, ostrich or horse.

He scored until a week ago only ostrich with potato or rice, he did very well tolerated. (100% pure ostrich meat without cereal adjuncts). And as dried fodder "Happy Dog - Africa from 10 kilos", because the dry feed is for under 10 kilos poultry meal with it, which is so taboo for small ...

Well as I said, there for 4 weeks, no more repeat orders. Is unfortunately everything is not available, so I unfortunately have to change on horseback ... And now I give him the Rinti Ross 100% horse with potato or rice. Since yesterday only horse. Before that, given with ostrich ... Well in any case, the last about 5 piles made in the apartment and had also otherwise every walk min. 4 times! The pile looked very soft from each. Otherwise always nice tight! (Otherwise only once and was housebroken).

What do you say? - He also responds to horse?


The best answer

He is also ruled on horse quite possible, but it may also be due to it just something else in it than is at first glance it.

Perhaps it is also because he has to get used to yet.

I would clarify everything with to the responsible veterinarian or an animal trainer. The usually know better modest and artz can equal abschecken everything.

I would say that you ask your veterinarian best. He knows your 'animals' finally best.

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