Dog can not be alone!

My dog ​​Lina (is this month one year old) we have since it is 4 months from then on we started immediately to practice, we always of very little time so getting higher, we have to nibble her always something out down there has also really worked well and there we could also 1-2 hours stay alone we always 1-2 hours with her beautiful Voher Gassi just suddenly has as about a switch in her head she turned aLWAYS nervous if we did not before TV sit or sleep she whimpers at every little thing even if we put our shoes she begins rumzufiepen if we wait outside, all is quiet and when we get home again is all broken down here because they went to the tables we have double-sided tape on it we made started twice from 0 again brings nothing door behind to make it whimpers even if we are in the apartment, we have already a list taped to the door, we get not know what to do with them freaks also totally out when we home come they just do not get to what happened with our dog a

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