Dog-cat or budgie?

I say in advance YES I know what ichmich here was letting blah, I can not decide between a dog, a cat or a budgie me only ._. could you please tell the better animal your opinion? And possibly pros and cons? THANKS <3

The best answer

So those are three times completely different animals.

I would prefer the dog, think am a dog is a most fidelity and love back. 2nd place goes to the cat, only the stroke of a cat can people very calm and the pulse slow down, 3rd place at the budgie, with poultry ichs personally unfortunately not so.

For dog:
A dog is a loyal companion in your life. He gives you a lot of love back, is very affectionate and loyal, you will donate consolation and likes to play with you. What may be both advantages and disadvantage is that you go just always walk with him have - several times a day. On one hand, well, one comes automatically to fresh air, andererseit wind and weather is not always so great - just what needs which must be level. A dog needs some education, time and attention. That you should keep in mind.

For cat:
Cats are a bit easier to maintain, since they relieve themselves in the litter - but this must also be cleaned at least 2-3 times a week.. Overall, however, less effort than in the dog. Cats are usually (not all are) a bit random, but can also be very loving and gentle nature. The purr of a person sitting on the lap cat who licks a hand, so that they continue fondles, is arguably one of the most beautiful Love confirmations. A cat is actually relatively independent, can also sometimes a few hours without problems remain alone (which I rather advise them, they at least. To keep a couple, boredom makes them happy silly ideas)

For Budgie:
With him, you have to keep the cage clean. The, I think, biggest qualm budgie is that you can not really cuddle with him. However, I've seen parakeets that even dominated tricks or even could speak a little (words parrot). Are safe funny fellows, if you have anyway not too much time for a pet. Budgerigars should also be kept in pairs. You can also sometimes be very noisy and also quite a bit of debris cause (flutter and lose the springs etc.)

That you, no matter what animal you choose, always carry the responsibility for the animal, you's certainly clear. These include not only the welfare feeding and care, but also disclose any corresponding thereto risks such as vet visits. But it is alone in your discretion what animal you choose. but what are you absolutely should ensure that you pick what to you and your lifestyle fits you an animal. If you are for example 10 hours a day away from home, I would definitely advise you about the dog. Also in character the animal should suit you. So choose wisely;)

The three species can not compare yet. Which of these animals you can because ever meet?

Do you have enough time for a dog, and also have enough money? A dog costs about 150 euros per month (also depends on the amount of feed and the amount of dog license to).

A cat can only happen if you take an adult or nearly adult cat, which can in the clearance after a short acclimatization. Small kitten and indoor cats need a conspecifics.

Budgies are flock of birds. You also need (at least) a conspecifics and ausßerdem a large aviary.

If you live for rent: the landlord allowed the keeping of dogs or cats?

To advise to you about one of the animals I know too little of you. So I see the animals budgerigar will keep 10-12 years old Always in pairs, need a big cage around being able to fly. Maintenance costs low, feed daily, cleaning once a week cage thoroughly. Cat 15-20 years, consumption conspecifics or someone with a whole lot of time to play, dog 10-15 years, which is a pack animal, needs to play and conspecifics isotopes or a man of him more than 4 hours. Leaves alone, 3 times daily enough run , Now opt for the right animal and always thinking about it and animals have feelings.

I tell you times why I can not decide: I am a rather lazy human being and I want to change that and as a dog would fit very well to the leads me get out of the house and you can play with him, train, walk, tours make , kUSCHELN, etc <3 A cat can also employ playful and possibly also perform at the cat leash only she would not run away with me but are more interested in the other things, can cuddle one also and this gelecke and geschnurre is also quite pleasant , When wellensittich you can almost nothing make carry up to tricks and take for a while on the hand but but my needs are not met because I want to cuddle, play, and move. These are all just about the same number of pro and cons, please help me! What would you take? Or do you have something to add to pros and cons? Schonmal thanks for the help! Ah, and also I would be glad of breed suggestions for dog and cat shows these müssen.Habt be ABSOLUTELY antiallergic their recommendations? :)

So I myself have 2 cats and am super happy. A dog always wants to get out and walk .... No matter what kind of weather. The cat can easily let out (if it is to be an outdoor cat because) and let out again. But a cat has one a few years what. A little longer than a dog. Birds are now not as spectacular, if you'd prefer to an animal with which you can cuddle sometimes I would choose between cat or dog. Where cats are already inherently clean animals. Although they have their own ideas, but we have people indeed.

I would take the dog because it really makes a lot of fun to romp around with Dennen, but it's just more work to look after the dog to as the cat or Wellensitich. wellensitiche are of course easy to look after, but can wake you in the morning. Cats are cuddly animals and totally sweet but still I would like to take said dog because it is always on your side and (it depends what breed of dog) protected you. But if he is every day alone he feels lonely. You should spend a lot of time with him.

Each animal has its advantages and disadvantages: D I would decide ultimately between dog or cat :)

• A dog is loyal and can also be very funny. He is a good alarm system and protects you (usually, always depends on the dog) from every danger. • A cat likes cuddles, you have to take care of them not always, it is also true (depending on the cat it to) but it brings with mice in the apartment as ,, Gift "

Bla bla bla. If you have read up,

- You'll know that the totally different versions to animals

- What the claims are

- Whether the animal fits you

- If you can give him everything

- You know it "pros and cons". They are discussed often enough.

So because thou art obviously not informed, you have to please not come with Blablabla. Because then you do not know what you're getting! Hättesst you're informed, you knew that

- Need Wellis free flight and a lot of attention

- Solllten go out cats best free

- You have dogs Gassigehen

These are now nat. only gaaaaaaanz little aspects. But if you know of that you speak to walk it love, a dog is the best for you. Did you daily 3-4 hours time, the birds free flight (supervised) grant, like to go out but nichtbei rain, budgies are a good choice. Only you can know what kind of animal is good for you;)

Here is a list of some general points to all domestic animals:

http: // -...

You have to think much !!


The binding to dog or cat will be greater than the parakeet. Since the cuddle factor plays a role, as well as the life expectancy I think.

Cat. With a dog you always walk the dog and a bird you can not cuddle.

I both dogs and cats, and both are much more labor, cats still ambissen more .. but that would have to know yourself what you want to buy you .. and only if you really have the time for the cat or dog, they need a lot of time with the owner !!

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