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So we have two rabbits in a large barn outside. A female and a male.

We also have 4 cats .. who can not come to the rabbit. The cats are half the day out and about and usually sits in my bed or is somehow all the time around me.

My little sister always wanted a dog. Time enough we would have for a dog. It is with us always always somebody at home and I know myself something with dogs, since I once had a dog, a friend of mine ..

Now my question:

Can cats tolerated with a dog ?? or you would not suggest that ??

What one must remember ??

The best answer

Hello Jasmin !

I had about 20 years ago by 2 cats and a dog.

The dog I have a puppy to get since the cats were already many years old.

The animals make it out all alone, however.

In my animals there was mutual respect between them.

One of my cats allowed to sleep all day in the dog basket that made the dog. The other cat was sleeping elsewhere.

If my dog ​​in the evening around 21:00 went to the dog basket was the cat by itself on without that the dog had to do something and left the dog basket, as they had agreed among themselves there. The dog went into the snug preheated dog basket and slept until the next morning. The cat went out at dawn at dusk from the house to their hunting instincts pursue.

The only rule I have noticed was that the dog be eating out of the same place was like cats.

LG playmate

Hello 2001Jasmin

I would totally discourage you, nor to bring a dog to. Will you also provide the justification.

When I read your other questions?

You're 13, do not have siblings and your parents you have a good relationship?

How do you imagine for that with an additional four-legged before?

You whine already, if you have a cold and have a sore throat. Then imagine the same front, then you'd have with a dog every day at least another. Three to get out and run with. No matter what kind of weather, with a cold, stomach ache or cold. The dog is not care, how are you, he demands it.

In a family all have to agree with a dog and just because your friend once had a dog, you do not even know you long for. Otherwise you would be clear on what we all must respect.

But with the knowledge you're still a little overwhelmed. That you have you yet to learn, that is not now mean any harm, but these are facts. The dog of the friend and keep yourself a sky is a big difference. The dog your girlfriend you can give back, who takes away your own from? The parents?

Sorry, but sometimes you have to show the disadvantages and not sugarcoat, a dog requires more than just going for a walk, beschmusen.

What can you offer a four-legged friend, so you can take full responsibility for it?

Then your other animals are still there and the dogs have certainly like to eat. Depending on whether a dog more hunting instinct than others, then your other animals will run away faster than you would like.

This can work well if you want to keep several animals together, then the circumstances must fit and how the animals are housed.

So as you describe it, I would do without your shoes on the dog, because even as a boring, one creates a dog to.

You known lovingly care for the now existing animals you continue because you'll be fully occupied.

Complete you to a dog, if you from 18 (full year) you can purchase a stand-alone and can also take care of yourself for it. At the time a lot of reading about dog ownership, how to raise a dog, how to get him housebroken and how it learns that it can sometimes be left alone for a short time. Also what costs are incurred by you because of a dog you need always a spare dime in ambush. Veterinarians also demand money for treatment.

Your school should proceed and your interests will change, then you will no longer remain a lot of time for a four-legged friend, because your friends are going to change and then there are other things to you in the foreground.

If a puppy to cats to come, and this is not very "bothered" that would go well, especially the cats so most are outdoors.

One would just carefully used to each other.

But just because a girlfriend once had a dog, you're certainly not a "dog experts", and just need a lot of time. Can not you just let the cats in the garden or hope he works alone.

I would not do it. We have 2 cats and a dog. A cat (which is rather timid by nature) is understood with the dog, but probably only because we have used from the outset with the dog. The other cat is also understood quite well with the dog. And with the rabbit is not exactly suitable. We had to 1 year and what & when the dog was outside, although it was a bit away, you've seen in the rabbits that they have some fear. And in the long run is something not so good.

One probably looking the cats a new home, or would eventually start fighting with the dog ... I would not recommend it to you ..

Hi when it tackles right it's no problem. The key here is you have the space to separate both parties at the beginning and slowly merge. So every cat, and dog then need their own area in the house where they can feel safe. but not) My cat knew well beforehand dog, my cat; Had only the cats, then came my little dog and at the end still a hound. It took a little longer to get used to the dogs. Important at the first meeting, the cats have an increased seating and can see the dog first in peace from above;) and when it comes in a neutral space, if you know what cat wears the trousers has, I would first with the most outgoing cat try can also fool the others how to respond.

The dog is left at the beginning only the minute to cats and can also first used in the household at the cat smell. Even as attention to the Kröpersprache, he starts to yawn to scratch, then the ranges of exercise for the day and the next day you should again try in peace and in shorter. Is it quiet you can also reward him, just like the cats when they look curiously the dog :)

I see more of a problem with the kaninachen -the moisten dogs have nsolche hoppel animals to eat like, AUC if it is not coming off the rabbit for the very great stress ...

I think you have tierchen enough!

know cats, the dogs from an early age, get along well with dogs. In your case, however, it is a game of chance.

That would cats do not like because they are not used to dogs. Ideally, you get used to these alien animals already in puppyhood together. So it could be that seek the cats on sooner or later a new home. You already have but enough animals, let it better.

Yes, the dogs and cats can get along. But this is unfortunately individually. I would not want to risk the poor dog later in the shelter will be placed when they are not compatible.

But is up to you :-)

you have to try! it can go well when the animals get along, but not necessarily. it is often as in the human ...

That's fine.

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