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Hello my dog ​​is always running with head down and not interested in anything (he is my second dog) he is happy wen my other dog is going at a walk but I can not was to go out with two suddenly alone warned already by the police and the Public Order Office I must not go out with 2 lists dogs suddenly. Well how do I get to enjoy it more the little? When my older of 19 months, he enjoys the game units and small adventures out there I purely bring much variety because I am physically active also. The younger seven months does not seem to have as much fun and pleasure that I can not always both lead suddenly there because my brother or not dad always time have. The dogs, the older I have the puppy / young dog age from the shelter brought before that I had ever visited him cared uzw. Until I adopted him after a few weeks. The smaller was a gift, so to speak I got 10 weeks to dogs (both american staffords) are with us in the garden and raised house. How do I get the little more joy to live?

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Not every dog ​​leaves from sports activities, have you ever tried it with search games? When his buddy is, all is well, or is it just "better"? Plays or he rages with your other dog?

Animal Medically it is checked through (no disease / parasites, no pain)?

So I would the younger and not so active dog really even imagine a vet can then examine him neurologically ...

A 7-month-old dog should rather be very active as the temperament of a few sleeping pills to show (expressed exaggerated)

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