Dog chews no meaty bones etc. -.-

Our dog is ne Diva ..... ordered the trial pack of Plauen trade BARF. There are also delicious with bloody larynges. I am full of enthusiasm with the thawed thing in the garden. Well ....

After the flop with the femur now also again. It sits a bloody lumps in our garden unnoticed and most lovingly licked by the dog.

5 minutes ... she got back inside before the door and wanted. Even if I place myself to feed breaks no "is mine and I eat alone" fuss of. Only chicken necks are gladly accepted. Otherwise please Bite!

Too much chewing is not allowed .....

What do I do now?

I thought of a toothache but she flashes bare beautiful white teeth. And so will happily chew on toys.

Normal, a dog takes a plunge but what joy to so? She had now also nix :( The must really be hungry, have also already practiced today, etc.

Maybe again divide? Just so I have a sharp knife I do not think oO

Who knows the problem? Have you found ne solution or just something not ordered?

The best answer

Hi I think our dogs are soulmates. If my rummäkelt, it only helps if I let voressen our dogs and our cat -. The observed the case and eats only then And she pulls mouth just before and what she has ever shown me impressively, since I had cut a larger piece stitch meat which has the original choked down like a snake, so I've got my car keys and wanted to go to the vet ..... then went but maybe down, but since they do not want the large pieces. If you have just begun looking to the Barfen times if she likes to hire green rumen (the likes my picky bitch too), the then newly bring in large pieces and cut with a large kitchen scissors ever larger pieces until you have time reached the desired size and then try only with larger meaty bones. If you have an organic farmers around the corner, maybe she likes so what the young chicken ?? My likes very chicken wings and carcasses :) Or try it once with turkey necks are already handsome as a chicken neck :)

Mine dogs refuse what is frsich. That must be verbuddelt then only until it stinks. The boy has imitated the old man. Wennns the old man does not eat, the boy frißts not - because of food envy :).

I actually NEN castrati in care, who had probably never seen bone, it has initially only a little carried around, could nix begin. Then he has ever tried to get the meat from the bone, very troublesome, without fixing the bone anyway. Took forever. At the 2nd bones he then übelegt what and has very quickly found out more tricks on how to get the meat from the bone, as my other two dogs. He tucks ne bark rib even so laterally gnaw the meat between the elbow and the foot. To abzukriegen the periosteum, he presents with both forepaws to the bone and pulls the skin weichgeleckte my front teeth in standing.

So let the bones just lying, maybe he is still interesting. And the throat even when they only times stinks). In cattle gargling you have to be careful that the thyroid gland is removed.

get the mali times to and give both a bone ... my little knew nothing to do with bones, it has the major observed and then imitating the exact same movement, was fun watching :-) and suddenly ers had pointed out to go and from then on he knew how to do it ;-)

they will get used to it, just let the regular feed off

our lienchen had anfamngs big problems with kniochen .., hold with something has SIOE rangetraut itself. Meanwhile they can alone. Will that they say has to learn it first.

Our Tibiomma would by Greenpeace, Peta, Amnesty International and the punisher scream if you have anything crude doing it in the napf.

Maybe they do not or they must really like to learn it first. Is it him normal feed space in the garden? Because not dacv she thinks is spielzeufg

Otherwise: a healthy dog ​​holds up to 10 days iohne lining (the caring man can with all up to 3 days)

Simply no longer order not all like bones

Vlt simply not schmeckts.

My dog ​​is absolutely no raw chicken into large pieces. Seems him flabby. As soon as he touched it with his tongue / teeth he pulls out a grimace and spuckts.

Packs easily again away and versuchs again tomorrow. Vlt she has no appetite.

Yes I know from my. If the can not be bothered, has no desire. I enjoy carping at Harefeet and bone or currently even with fish. Gladly also in cattle scalp (dried).

With her help, I'm contends tenure and you make it clear that they must not have the ... eventually they want it then. Did not work out but in day-old, they will not touch. Is she trying times maximum nudge to see if they might move yet.

The very hard way would be to let the dog go hungry times a DAY. Next it will take most of then and then there hitnerher the remaining portion as a meat / offal share.

My way, is also ne Diva. The paws she does with cattle ears dirty ^^

I have to cut up a "Hackebeilchen" (Pairing my Japanese knives) -the doing great and the small bones share gnaw my dog ​​like rum -after a short time is nothing there anymore .....

while mien border-mix felisch and bones always sent festhaelt with paw, my dog ​​is there very clumsy - siem oechste it portioned also prefer ...

Do you like everything that is set before you

This is simply a matter of taste of the dog !!?

Maybe it's still too cold to eat her in the garden ?! The mine loves green rumen and the summer sale 'I love the times in so huge lobes ... The can of course only outside feed ... Now I've are so packed I gave him recently a rag in the garden and he has left him ... ^^ so recouped, snipped small in the bowl done and behold: the rumen inhaled ... ^^ stop is not so real "garden time" and in society, it eats just cute ...: )

Like you write, a diva. Not every dog ​​can be "Barfen".

I am full of enthusiasm ...

Hihi, I know the feeling, though not in terms of Barf.

One would think that a Chi would be beneficial in the diet. What I have everything away.

Beautiful dried fillet of duck, chicken, rabbit, raw meat to taste, containing 70% meat, etc - but no, the Lord does not like it ;-)

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