Dog claw is open to do what?


My dog ​​has yesterday demolished the claw one days later the obeefläche is torn by the claw and is open so you can see the meat And my question is what should I do? Should I make him every day a Chamomile Bath? Is he allowed to the dog park? Should he run around outside open or shall I put it a shoe? Do I have it lubricate anything? I want to avoid this time the advance we go to TA because we really often go along in the last time Thank you in

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So if they honestly it her dog goes well I would go to TA before worse wird.Ich that's bit dangerous for your dog could be as enzünden ... Just go in a different TA I've done it my :)

@ Mami00

You should go with him to the vet, the money should have.

If the wound is bad versogt that could fester or infection.

What would you do if your fingernail looks like?

Well here you will nevertheless have to the vet. So what that looks like the claw to be drawn but can only answer the veterinarian to 100% and even the vet can the claw then pull, give you the necessary medicines for treating wounds and tell you how you can combine the need.

This does not look good, and so you should go to the vet! My dog had also times that Talon had to be pulled! Claw injuries are not without risk when infected that even amputation of the bone may be required can!

Did you betaisodona ointment in the house? ... Or blue spray ???

You need wadding (= non-linting Fleese) a gauze bandage and a sock, possibly a dog shoe ...

Take the paw in the hand, distributing generous betaisodona Ointment especially on the affected toe, then you polsterst the toe gaps and then wickelst the whole paw firmly but not tightly up over the joint. The Association du klebst with Leukosilk or similar adhesive tape to secure and then you pull the dog a sock over it or pull it to a dog shoe.

If you do not zutraust you to create a reasonable association, then you will remain nothing more than quickly visit the veterinarian. The wound at the toe should be disinfected ...

It does not matter how many times you already were at the vet if your dog is injured, you need to go. Pulling him first a shoes that no dirt can get into the wound and then off to the vet.

how about veterinarian ???

This can ignite easily. something should not treat themselves to

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