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Hi I wanted to ask whether dogs also himself invent things at Klicker, I train my while (make Ex. Male or ne roll on the floor) even with the clicker and it will simply help many still say that they come up with even what the really so?

The best answer

What do you mean Shaping is the clicker.

The dog is to offer on its own behavior, you selektierst clicker then want to develop what behavior you.

Commands then come until much later in the training process into play.

But that does not so that you wait until the dog does play a role, as you wait long.

understands a dog clicker (and a coach which converts it right, an estimated 70% do it wrong and use the clicker just analogous to the normal reward) has in the exercise session on approaches / practices, eg by lifting a paw, lowers his head, perhaps even lying in an extreme case. You markierts hinlegen clicker eg, the verfestigst by more repetitions. Then you wait with the click until the dog as lying still for the weight shifting away Siete and confirm that again, as many times until the dog this behavior anbietet.Dann reliable are you waiting for the Click again until the dog as is (more or all ) places on the side ....

On the way you approach the role gradually, but without nachzuhelfen behavior. Depending on the dog, and experience each step only one training session or several days / weeks may take.

This is known as shaping (forms) of behavior. Other approaches are to get the desired behavior as Luring (curls with leckerli) and targeting.

It's best to read up on the Internet times for clicker and especially for Shaping a, on Youtube there are videos to.

There is also to promote a very fun "training game" to the Krativität the dog, ie "100 things to do with a box". Parking NEN cardboard back and click and confirm any interaction of the dog with the box. So look sniff, poke, knock, push, grope with his paw, bite, bark, sit on pure rise .. No matter what, everything is confirmed. The only criterion is that it is not 2x must be the same in a row. Is really funny to see how krativ dogs with ner box can be ....

So if you mean that the dog stuff imagines then that is not so. The dog is supposed to do what you ask of him and should do nothing to own. If you mean the coach is stuff devises. A creative coach can sometimes also be what separate incident, why not

Well, they respond to signals, that is, they copy what they get shown by people or pictures or what other dogs do. Do not think that they are as even piece together what.

Who comes up with what. The dog or the trainer? Is written somewhat misleading for me.

If the dog is devises an exercise in my opinion, misses the point, because it is supposed to carry out the command and is then rewarded with the click. Or have I misunderstood you now?

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