Dog closed Found- shelter

I just found a dog, but the shelter has closed ..kann anyone tell who I can give the animal the weekend me?

The best answer

Ask for the police in your area. The usually have the numbers from Animal Emergency Service, or often from the home management of the local shelter.

Reputation best with a veterinarian or animal clinic near you and ask if you can bring the dog there. Report Otherwise the police or Tasso.

Sometimes the clerk's office, there's a recorded message, what to do in such a case.

If this is not the case, calling the police, under the normal landline number, not on an emergency call.

From there, then someone is contacted, has access to the shelter and the dog brings there.

Sometimes there are individuals who operate a sogeannten "Animal Shelter" also breeders do that sometimes. Look in the phonebook. Otherwise vielleicxht for still watch a day itself?

Drive with the dog to the police and report the Fund. There you can consult together whether you want him serve until the holder has been found or not.

Veterinarian, or call at times when tasso. And also at the shelter ALWAYS is Who.

Reputation with a vet, because a tape is run in which the doctor is called the emergency duty, and I would then ask.

Animal Hospitals / Veterinary Emergency

Please call to the police and report your "lost property" ...

The police have to bring more options a "Fund-dog" to the shelter ...

With a little luck the dog will already "wanted" by the police its holder and it can still give the evening a family reunion.

call the police, but - you can not it at least bismontag keep with you.? when de r jetz enters the animal shelter, he stays there alone in the kennel, not nice if he was viel.ausgesezt. do you have something to feed them, which will be hungry.!

Question of the police. The need to know it.

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Maybe the dog is already searched here.

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