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Hey, when you find a dog coat sense? I have a now 11 year old Cocker Spaniel, and from the looks get the still to provide any warmer jacket even at normal walks in winter Bladder and ear infection, despite raincoat, followed by dry rubbing and cozy place in the home, so I'm really thinking about me , How useful you find it? Does that make a big difference, or should be enough a raincoat? Fur has the dog actually still enough I would think, but apparently I'm wrong there. : / And there are also those who do not look totally ridiculous? Especially because my dog ​​not some little Pinscher with a thin coat is, the sinking already in 10 cm of snow.

LG and thank you in advance,


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Ear or external otitis should have nothing to do with the wet-cold weather ... By this tend to be the floppy ears blame ... Please let the repeatedly clarify and treated by a veterinarian.

The bladder or urinary tract infection may well be due to the weather - but it is true: please consult the veterinarian ...

To coat for your dog: if YOU have the feeling that the dog is doing better outside with a coat in wet-cold season, then the dog should wear a coat ...

Acquaintances of mine have let their ancient Setter a coat sewing: lined outwardly soft shell fabric and lined with thin lambskin. You can sew in a tailor's and do not have € 40 paid for it. The reddish-brown setter now wearing a matching color coat - and he feels comfortable.

A dog coat to protect public health is surely to be something other than a dog look ridiculous with paneling

It does not matter if it looks goofy main thing that it is not cold and he did not walk NEM same sick to buy him a little cloak wames what other is because it is really useful or necessary care think this is about the health of the dog and the is more important than what others think or woe it looks

Yes, of course, makes such a jacket a Sinn.Und yes there is of course the coats not ridiculous aussehen.Aber apart on appearance not come on but the Nutzen.Auch if your dog has enough fur he is now still faster krank.Ja the love Older. I myself have a Doberman dog the only jacket with rausgeht.Sogar on the advice of Tierarztes.Auch he has health problems. And if the other laugh about it or nicht.Der dog needs that and basta.Du love your dog and want the best for him? Then tus.Was others say? I will answer you with this statement: In it itches a German oak when the sow Schuppert her. Ps. My Doberman even looks very chic with his coat of

The floppy ears of a Cockers get certainly not in winter an ear infection and no cystitis !! You know that one ear and a bladder infection are quite lengthy and need to be treated? And that gets your Cocker ever ?? Can not believe I!

It may well be primarily canine small, short-haired, who need protection or old, sick dog ... but your not sure. Run with it! And let him not sit for hours in the cold, then you have no problems.

It may be of course that your concerns are justified, but from derived quite differently, so I would suggest a thorough health examination by a veterinarian. Do not be angry, my answer was no offense :-)

if a creature with the climate problems it needs protection. Whether old or sick or wrong region for racial or .....

Functional clothes guibts on from Hurrttaa or backtrack. Or ne made to measure (for our Lina would have cost a shell of the rod 40-50 € - duie massanfertzigung cost € 58). We have at Ubnd ordered are very satisfied (the dog also)

My Chihuahua is now 12 years old and has at this winter for the first time a coat. He has aged problems keeping now his body heat.

My dog ​​is black and tan, so mostly black and just as we have chosen the mantle.

Go with your dog in a pet trade, and update coats - will surely find something neutral, well fitting.


a warming dog coat is then in dogs useful and appropriate if the dog has no undercoat. Dogs with an undercoat require no warm coat.



I have a 60cm big 4 years old male he also has a coat. With it's whether it's ridiculous, as long as it is good for my dog.

My rude once had a serious blasenebtzündung because he longer had warts in winter on the dog place, since it has a winter coat.

Your dog is old, a jacket sure is good for him. Let the others but think what they want, it counts the most of your dog.


In some dogs, I find it not only makes sense but also important. That's not the size it to. No dog should even get sick or freeze. What other people say actually I would not care. I better live with the dog together and take care of his health. Would anyone ask me, I would say that it would otherwise freeze and get sick. The alternative is to stay at home and that would be too stupid.

The dog will not care if he looks funny or not. Try it if he never is sick, it's worth it.

Yes, when dogs are older, sick and / or freeze, are coats useful.

My little one has a thin raincoat so that it does not get wet and a thick coat for very cold days. And in between, and when it is dry, it has a sweater.

I honestly do not care what it looks like to others, my dog ​​needs it, and those who find it strange, do not interest us.

If the little again to the vet should it interested anyone how high veterinary costs.

Do not worry about it, take off your dog when he needs it. You're doing it too.

This is a dog NO doll !!!

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