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I have a long hair German Shepherd and I am looking for a luminous collar for dogs longhair, looking someone that I could take as ???

Would be very happy about answers ;-)

The best answer

We associates 3 Leuchties on> Start. And ubnser oldest is now 12 years - there were never any problems. To see even with our Tibetans good ... and if that is not enough there for acute Extra langers fell. Http:// ! 0,304501736775234,10902

I am not definitigv Markenfan .- but better than Leuchtie goes acquaintances were replicas diverse and tested differently - none was sio langlevbig and had so little battery power and was so clearly visible as the Origional. The of our omma just last fall get new batteries (to 3 € the sentence) it was the 3rd Sartz in 12 years

This is generally difficult because everything disappears into the skin with long-haired. I have a Leuchtie using this "extension pin", it works well.

Alternatively, there is as lamps that can be attached to harness the then lie on your back, well their purpose.

Not cheap, but I would recommend it:

In our German Wirehaired very good, even've seen so German Longhair and Münsterländer. The light is really bright (as have green).

I also have the Leuthalsband of Leuchtie - there are those who shine more than others - think the hot premium. Are extremely strong and can be seen even with long hair.

Otherwise call to those who help you by telephone on.

Buy a luminous keychain and attach the trailer's collar.

Just look at Amazon

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