Dog coughs suddenly after walking and panting heavily

Hi folks, I'm just worried about my little Fellmann. Today we were a long walk on the Kahlenberg (forest) and since we are at home my little hat all weird. He did not choke and also acts not restless or lethargic. It's like as a cough. Coughing passed after 10 minutes but then we played and suddenly he had again coughing quite bloed.

After eating, he also strongly heckled and coughed again, but not strangled and even so he is fit. Eyes are not glazed, he has a fever and none (normal 39 degrees have extra-measured) and the gum has a nice delicate Rosafaerbung the back again versa sofoet even after printing it, and the belly is quite soft. Unfortunately I can not achieve our Tieraerztin just ..... had your dog something before? he has eaten nothing on the hike, he runs muzzled!

The best answer

If you type in YouTube kennel cough, is a video of how you sound the. Can you even a look.

Will you give me any communication if it was actually kennel cough?

It may be that he has captured the kennel cough. Since he has always after exertion, after coming home, and generally in the house. In this case, he may have to take antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and cough syrup. I know that quite well because my had in January.

Thanks for your answer. I'll watch him today and if he coughs again it's off to the vet.

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