Dog - cruciate ligament scribe ... further course of treatment?

Our 9 year old big dog has represented itself. After diagnosis: cruciate ligament torn ..... what happens next? If he operates ... or treated by Physio ??? Planned holiday with him in 2 months ... it will be painless until then?

Would be very happy about answers :-)

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That depends on the diagnosis, the dog and its owner, if needs surgery or whether it healed without surgery. A full plan of course has to be operated because the dog's bad leg no longer depresses the dog kann.Wenn else is physically fit and temperamentally more moderate, is with a teaser perhaps a surgery not necessary. In addition you can then very well with the laser therapy and Physioth. speed healing. Despite all that is with or without surgery a long task, and the instructions of the TA and Physioth. You should necessarily follow, otherwise rapidly form arthritic changes in the joints.

No idea how you stand on homeopathy. A very good alternative is the remedy Rhus toxicodenrdron C30. There is a cure for ligament injuries of all kinds.

Not every ligament injury must be treated surgically. If you are skeptical of conventional medicine and open to other methods of treatment, then turns you possibly an experienced animal healers. You will wonder what there is to other very effective ways. Whether to planned vacation everything is OK, no one can guarantee. Not the school physician or medical practitioner.

Who does not know - you have plans, but the animals make it broken. So it's at.

That make you so no say whether op is necessary or alternatively methods are ..denke cruciate ligament as we also may be ne longer story or not operated normally longer he .if then can be closely with holidays in the pilot, he can safely not

Currently, he still gets Rimadyl, to Friday even if it is not so better, is x-rayed, suspected cruciate ligament crack initiation.

Unfortunately, we see no improvement in gait, I just wanted to ask here to the experience of other dog owners

We were not at our vet, this was closer to the city and we have heard many good things about them. Our vet we will on Friday ask ... clearly.

The holiday is also not important, he must first get healthy again is just about it.

PS: We go by car on holiday?

Yes sure, but until Friday, I had hoped here to advice in advance.

In and what alternatives did you surely the vet cleared

with us had become a still little young bitch the cruciate ligament torn .. it healed through conservation without surgery .. after that was bein connected not -benutzte she and after about 5-6 weeks was the haunted past ...

but must in the concrete case there always treated vet it look ...

Why has not asked the TA, or, why has not said that? He knows the case.

All these questions should you, the attending veterinarian can best answer!

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