Dog crying when he goes for a walk in the evening

Hello my dears,

Now for a few months a man running with his little dog usually evening, just after dark, walk. The problem: His dog yelps not with the walk, it sounds more like a scream to. Permanently. Rather anxious or Painfully. A few people looked already repeatedly out of the window and asked him if everything was okay. Most think it is a woman's evening screaming ... Anyway, the man gives no answer. And he has his dog on a leash normal, nothing flashy. I can not explain why this dog evening when he is out of such sounds is to me. Infected as a disease behind, cruelty, or at least the fear of the dark (but this would be very unlikely)? Thank you in advance for the answers! :)

The best answer

Frankly, I think that the whole story is quite difficult, but the man did not respond to a question. However, I would have continued to try to find out what is wrong with the dog. Maybe just try again to address the Lord. In the event that he again does not respond or responds I would tell him that you simply will inform the clerk's office and that should take care of it. Somehow all this is already a very narrow ridge because others do not really As yes in some way something. On the other side, however, can the dog for the event that will hurt him or not good also does not hinder him. Accordingly, I would act in your case. Just try again to talk to the man and, if not feasible, then sensible the clerk's office. Much more I can not think about the matter, unfortunately, also.

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