Dog cucumber (generally raw vegetables) dangerous?

Hello my 10 year old Jack Russel Terrier loves pickles and sour pickles and boiled carrots and beans to eat, even though he has hated in his "young" years and my question is whether this is harmful. Yes I know Sour cucumbers are not so good (I give him only a small slice) and yes he is totally greedy (Sry expression) and I find vegetables better than treats. Lg piepiep001

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Deadly for a dog can be: grapes, garlic, onions, chocolate. Raw carrot slices are okay, potatoes, apples, cucumber ...

Cucumbers and carrots are raw absolutely no problem. Most vegetables can be easily fed raw. Distance should take from blähendem vegetables, since it does not tolerate any dog. Solanaceae such as tomatoes and potatoes should not be fed raw because they contain solanine. Tomatoes please only in moderation if they are overripe and potatoes just cooked, we do not feed them.

Caution garlic!

Garlic is considered a medicinal plant, but dogs and cats, the tuber can be dangerous: Even small amounts taken regularly in the diet, can cause life-threatening anemia.

In humans, garlic has antibacterial properties and is protected by its positive effect on blood and blood vessels before infarction and thrombosis. For animals, however it can be toxic: How onions and leeks belongs to the group of garlic Allium plants; they contain sulfur compounds which destroy the red blood cells in dogs, cats or horses. Through biochemical processes develop in them called Heinz bodies, leading to the disintegration of cells.

After enjoying greater amounts garlic animals show severe signs of intoxication: vomiting, diarrhea, pale anemic mucous membranes, a weak pulse, tachycardia, dyspnea and blood in the urine. five grams of garlic, and 1.25 milliliters of garlic extract per kilogram of body weight can already act severely toxic for a dog when both will be taken for several days. When suspected garlic poisoning immediately the veterinarian's advice.

Unfortunately for dogs and cats still feed, treats or food supplements with garlic commercially. The Federal Veterinary Chamber stated that it is a common myth that feeding garlic help against worms in particular, against-the-counter veterinary medicinal products in which an accidental overdose can lead to anemia.

Although very small quantities of little harm, it is safest if our Vierbe

Against cucumber and carrot is nothing wrong. In beans, it may be that he gets bloating. Not every dog ​​can bear ...

raw vegetables is the Barfen ingredient.

Well if your dog has too much salt in the body, it may be that he is sick ...

Dogs hold but some out so ...

dear Take more treats than vegetables. :)

Carrots you do not necessarily have to cook, you can also give times as little nibble.

Cucumbers you can give also.

Distance you should take from beans that contain the toxin phasine (like all legumes). The toxin is indeed destroyed by a long cooking time, it is then but still Fermenthemmer included, which makes the whole indigestible.

Pickles you've even been addressed, should also be deleted.

What you are allowed to feed on vegetables, you can very quickly find on Google ... example, searching for "dog vegetables list";)

Nice if it tastes him! In moderation is nothing wrong with it and certainly not unhealthy than treats. Our also very fond of nibbling raw carrots and he has a great set of teeth! Only grapes you must give him no circumstances and raisins. But everything else is no problem, as long as he can withstand it.

dogs may vegetables and eat fruit - the fruit but please little banana - because too much sugar and NO grapes (no raisins or sultanas) with vegetables: no onion, but carrots, potatoes zucchini fennel --but no RAW and NO RAW tomatoes, but cooked is both.

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