Dog defecates at night

Hello. My problem is that our dog a 4months old Labimix night defecates in our kitchen. He sleeps in the kitchen. That with the defecate but he makes only a few weeks. At first but he was housebroken night and slept by now not. It can also happen that when he was a long time in the garden and then come back into the house there defecates directly. Another problem is that he eats the feces, as if it were the most amazing dog food.

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Hi grade during housebreaking training, gillt it to remain calm and to have enough patience to pull the whole thing to the end. Many do it like you, practice the first few weeks extremely, please note that it logs and stop the exercise. This is wrong, although he has understood what is at stake but this has to be yes still fragile, which is why we continue to make, if he already can the puppy supposedly. That leaves you then slowly tapering off also again only.

Would therefore recommend to start from scratch.

Help you can while the dog, by her respects at the food on fixed times and calculate a Bissel can when it rausflutscht again;) Would amongst somewhat unfavorable dried fodder of ca go 8 -10 hours.

It did help him on the way, a feed switch where you have more meat in it and less grain, which Bosch is low, yes. But coming on the price because the work with plant proteins. Much of the what he eats is also excreted because the dog can not be implemented in nutrients, perhaps is also why a second time since it ... For most dogs, it is also so that the need to frequently puffed cereal-heavy feed , should also inflate your frequently change please feed, because then has this been to the detriment of digestion and causing faulty fermentation which then leads to Flatuenzen ...

When you give him to eat the last time, and which feed he gets? If he eats the feces, which can also be a sign of lack of nutrients or enzymes.

Why is sleeping your dog alone in the kitchen? Puppies should not leave you alone, and certainly not as long as you.

You must definitely build the housebreaking again and again before times make a visit to the doctor to see if the problem can not possibly organic in nature.

that our dog a 4months old Labimix night defecates in our kitchen.

Go late at night again extensively with him out. But it may also be that there is the dog of attention is missing. Many dogs respond with uncleanliness it. Also coprophagy may be related, but also a lack of nutrients may be the reason for coprophagy.

Then should the evening still made a walk werden.Ich go every night about midnight with my dog ​​out before I go to bed.

The dog is just four months old, what do you expect? Go often enough to get out with him, even at night.

He's asleep alone in the kitchen so that a sleepwalker does not make him awake? What is a unssinge Begürndung. Do you think the dog does not listen when someone walks through the house?

If the dog purely power at night, you go at night again out with. Although he was apparently already housebroken it can always happen that he is unclean again.

If the dog alone rumlatscht outside, he found 1000 things are more exciting than to dissolve. He simply forgets that he needs. Take the dog on a leash and go to a quiet place and wait there.

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