Dog defecates blood :(

I read means kidneys fail, the blood feces of dogs and my mother will only tomorrow with the doctor and he has days since 2! I'm afraid ! To my dog! Is it morning already too late?

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Mother wants tomorrow with the doctor and he has days since 2!

You would have had to vet already 2 days ago! This does not look good.

If my dog ​​would be forced out as something I would immediately contact the vet and wait for a second!

You should consult a veterinary clinic today. Tomorrow it may actually be too late, especially since the dog already for 2 days daruter suffers!

Take something with the precipitates, so that the hospital can investigate!

Enter postcode and city and will be able to see all you animal clinics near you:

Reputation best when at the vet! The will be able to tell you whether there is sufficient tomorrow, which I personally would go really immediate: /


Oh my goodness, this looks horrible!

is otherwise beyond redemption Definitely today to the vet quite possible that the dog tomorrow! I want you so do not be afraid, but it's the reality.

You have to explain how important is your dog, and how dangerous it can be your mother.

You can also choose the animal emergency that come in most cases even a home.

Today, late on Sunday evening, it is more expensive, but it is extremely important!

Lg. And good luck to you, Lena

that is not necessarily fail the kidney. it can also have other causes, even harmless. for example if he too pressed, it can burst veins on after. This may happen in constipation, but also with diarrhea. both digestive problems need to be treated if they last longer than a day, and the cause is unclear. but the circulation is then harmless. it may also be having intestinal parasites your dog. if your dog is now awake and behaves normally, it is ok if you wait until tomorrow. when pain, fever or even cramps or has shaky and weak open her immediately in a animal hospital who also on the weekends around the clock should. good improvement for your dog!

Although it need not be a renal failure, so it could be for example what the intestine, but no matter what, I would go to the vet immediately! And take the best Kot with

So either he beetroot with slime and meat eaten and not digested (I think rather unlikely) or there is plenty of what came out is part indoors.

This should be better instantly view NEN TA, ne animal hospital.

Immediately, not tomorrow. That should decorate, prepare ores, at best it is only abundant darmschleimiger diarrhea with bright red blood in there. The volume is worrisome.

Tomorrow it may be too late. Go assume that it is too late. Just because dogs seltenst pain show (and then only if it's double) does not mean that they do not have pain. Something then called cruelty to animals - there up to 3 years in prison fo r +.

No, it's not too late. My dog ​​(14 years) is already very ill .. among other mamma tumors (large), weak, diarrhea despite medication for several months, even defecates abundzu blood (much). She's still alive & her goes well under the circumstances :-)! So it may not be too late

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