Dog defecates still night in the house

Need dtingend Help! Our 16Wochen old Yorki makes tags over beautiful pee in the garden but large night in the house. We are late into the night again with him in the garden and walking but without success. As if he complies. We slowly know no more advice that is our 5 dog and previously we never had to get the problems Housebroken. What should we do?



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We slowly know no advice

At night again out with the dog, does not help your alarm and 1-2x still out with the dog. Every dog ​​is different and need different lengths to be housebroken.

"Ne cross through the house but still on the carpets"

Also, I would not let the dog walk alone around the entire house. That can also be dangerous. Take him into the bedroom directed him there sleeping space a. So you realize better when the dog is restless, and can respond quickly. When does the puppy the letze meal?


If he so times drausen makes daytime I would praise him as if he had the best of all done in the world also treats etc. Enter. Then I would be careful when he eats and when he is doing in the regular big, normally it's always the same period. In the evening I would then eat it so that if you give would make great the last time with him out he is really about, and the first time try as long with him out there to remain until he makes it and then praise again. Maybe you get it indeed so in the grip ....

I wish every success to you!

to go out more often experiment with him so that he knows that he should make it THERE. This has unfortunately also occur at night in the beginning and learning phase.

It'll be fine ..... have patience!

At 16 weeks, it can be quite "normal" that the dog can not keep up at night.

But I would not even let him flit through the house ...

Aimed him a place to sleep close to you and then you will just for a few weeks and the alarm goes at night again so to 2am with him out ...

... Or even if he is restless at night.

Each dog is different - some puppies are faster housebroken and other just a little later ...

Then just imagine the alarm clock at night and goes out times.

Is he always in the same place?

Then he holds out just not so long. You must often get out, even at night.

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