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Hello, we are now considering for quite some time to provide us a dog.

I would of 8 - 16 am during the week is not at home, my mother could but watch the time on the dog. We live in a flat rural area and I could frequently go walk the dog and him in the afternoon / evening physically and mentally employ / utilize. As I start from next school year with graduation, I would soon finish school and then would a training / study start. Would it still possible / useful to to get a dog under these conditions? It may be possible not only for the unemployed / retired people to keep a dog or I got this wrong?

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Hi, I think that this is possible if your mother agreed to take care of the dog when you are not at home during the day. However, you should consider how the whole thing is supposed to represent, if you study or training doing. Do you live still at home, or you have to move to another city? If you have to move, the dog would be either with you and much alone or your parents would then have a dog. This aspect I would discuss with my parents and involve in my thoughts. A dog's a commitment for many years, however, brings many years also joy, if it is held appropriately. All the best.

So you have you just be aware that the dog 3 times a day must get out no matter who makes it!

For me it is so while I'm at school it's my mom in the morning I go for lunch my dad abends.also as long as he comes out three times a day and is busy enough, I think you can we establish a :)

Hello leeeonx! :-)

It may be possible not only for the unemployed / retired people to keep a dog or I got this wrong?

No, because you have certainly right, but the environment has to be right and not just a few months but years. Years ago, I got myself a dog when I was unemployed. However, I was living with other people in a household, so to speak, had a network ... Then I took a job in three layers on. but no dog sitter, it was not well. The search for a trustworthy, responsible person has not been easy. It was time consuming and of course costs also arose. At that time I was very lucky :-), where I also worked a good deal.

A question went through my mind how much your mother want a dog? If it does, to fulfill your wish, or it is her wish? Because the described of you circumstances would indeed be otherwise ok.

If your uncertain future consider very carefully, because you'll probably can you afford a dog sitter. All this must be considered a dog should be, to be and remain a family member.

My advice, please weigh up exactly! But you'll make a good decision when you make you in Vorfelde many thoughts!

It greets you


You have now no time and in the near future most certainly even less, not to mention the more distant future. Soe a dog is 15 years of age - as your life situation is developing do not you can now overlook about. .... You prefer seeking another hobby.

I've also wanted a dog at your age, but had to wait 30 years before I was able to realize the desire with a clear conscience.

In principle this is feasible, it must only be ensured that the dog must be no longer than 4-5 hours alone, because that is a herd animal inadvisable to go in many dogs on the psyche. Not even no education, some dogs will simply close, which is why some have become depressed already.

If you have enough time (daily min 2 hours Gassi and mental work), financial security (I expect 150 euros per month) and give love can the dog and for the next 15 years, that's no problem.

As I start from next school year with graduation, I would soon finish school and then would a training / study start.

do you believe that you are a dog can meet all of your obligations? Remember that a dog lives 10-18 years and EVERY day of his life must be adequately supplied and busy!

it is certainly not in the best monet time - you do not know so whether you get a study place at your place ...

course can also berufstaetige people have a dog if they can guarantee permanent and mandatory care for a dog ... so partner / have friends and relatives, which supply the dog ... are freelancing and can provide the dog itself etc ..

with you but this will change in yourself everything coming soon - please wait off!

If you have a person who in the time when no one is at home even to can take care of the dog would be there but acceptable. Be

but why one wants to have a dog, if you even barely has time for him and leave the work to others? That can not be the meaning of dog ownership!

(Can not be able to comment since the destruction of the forum here!)

"It may be possible not only for the unemployed / retired people to keep a dog or I got this wrong?"

Naturally! But would not it make more sense to bring a dog to your statements, because no matter how many times you'll verprichst your area you at the beginning anyway spend only time with him / her.

My suggestion would be: Do your high school and get a dog if you "accept" the further requirements.

You would than 8 hours since. You can buy one yourself. However, he should have to be alone, and he should not be so young. Nevertheless younger desro smaller the bubble. Get your own dog aged 1 and half and he should wiegesagt can stay alone. It would be better if you know him / her vlkt. Even a game partner Holst. But that's your thing. LG

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