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Hello, My dog ​​(10) for several days sick she is weak eats anything and is already 2 times collapsed while walking and just give it peed on the floor and there was blood with one can tell me what will it be? I'll even go to the vet as soon as possible. Can me a thing to say of himself familiar with it? Thank you.

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the borders on animal cruelty, which as you plan with your dog.

even if you have no money, you can advance even agree on a payment rates.

unless op is present, a treatment is also manageable. So tomorrow at the latest to the doc. or give me your address and I derive the necessary one.

it makes no sense here at all, diagnoses about any speculate, as long as your dog is suffering.

you would have the question can give here! what you bring speculation? NOTHING! can & in the time you have spent here, you'd go to the vet, or need! ... Here you can help any! & If the dog means something to you then ragged;) Otherwise, it is too late iwann. Because things have you enumerated sound absolutely no good! The dog needs help. Good luck

I wish you all the best bitch

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