Dog does not cease to fart ...

What can I do about it so that my dog ​​does not have to fart or it villt even suppressed.

French Bulldog Female 8 years

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Well with 8 years the lady will have quite a bowel problems. That comes with age now times. Or you ask times to the vet. Possibly could not agree something.

or villt even suppressed.

can it indeed times ask very politely, but surely it is you do this favor!

Is certainly the food. If change the food and making sure that a high proportion of meat. Most foods contain too much grain, which does not get the dogs and also makes you sick!

Suppress is harmful. Bad idea.

Give him decent food, then he poops on its own less. My makes it only when Blättermagen was on the menu. Otherwise, is there only silence to hear.

You should avoid cereals, carbohydrates and vegetables blähendes. But then the meat content should be increased.

Can you be happy to inform times over Barfen. and are super sites.


Maybe you on this page to a tip or two, so that your four-legged retains its gases for themselves:

I wish you success! : P

@ bagieelove

You're 14, what are you doing when you have too much air in the stomach, intestines? The air you do not rollst safely over the tongue.

You can even talk to him if he might every time going to the bathroom?

So it's your, or your dog. Much Lend times surround the lining and advice from the users who come here once.

Would be nice if you could express yourself short times to other users?

What you feed your dog? Normally, excessive discharge of gases is a result of improper feed.

try other food. Our Bulli had when he was younger too, is also Pubsi ... inzw. Happens only rarely, especially rarely associated with a strong odor

how and what you feed ???? .................

....... You just made a change in diet? then the the intestine also shortly mess .. It would also give rise flatulence which disappears after a short time.

then smaller, but more than Potionen day give .. + 1 teaspoon orange juice per day ....

from naturopathy there are various preparations ... z, Ex. Nux moschata C3, Colosan, Schuessler salt No.7 and Löwenzahnsud if required as treatment options (but not all together).

and a lot of movement ..Auslauf ..ganz important!

But a trip to the vet can not hurt too !!!!

Sometimes is something dependent on the feed accordingly. What will you give it?

The problem everyone has with his Bully

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