Dog does not drink much, parents in holiday

Hello, I have my parents' dog as they are on vacation for 2 days. The dog drinks in my opinion not enough. I have seen it many times he has been drinking at least. A big bowl With my parents. With me not even half. But he wanted to drink dirty water from the puddle. Should I try a different bowl or what it could still lie?

Thank you!

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To your question equal introduction to answer with another question ... :)

You write that he "wanted to" drink water puddles - have you left him ?! And may the dog drinking water puddles with your parents or see the not so happy ?!

For now I see there's no need to worry. If your parents normally prevent the puddles of water drinking, then you probably wanted the dog antesten and see how you react so on ... :)

Puddles of water drinking may be potentially harmful to the dog, he could take as giardia. For this reason, I let a quarterly basis a stool sample of my dog on giardia, worms and worm eggs investigate. The drink that is also very much in the open air and not from the bowl ... ^^ And stop I do not like that!

If you limp and uninterested appears the dog in the next few days and he also going well is not like about eating, you should consult a veterinarian! The less drinking alone I feel not as worrying.

Then let him drink from the puddle - my dear rainwater to the water in the house go only ran when otherwise in sight. Depending on the weather booze dogs sometimes less or more. Depending on the type of food: In dry food more, wet food and Barf less. Kuck look at that for 2 days and you should notice that allows the dog is not going well, you can indeed times when TA look past.

He probably drinks with you only when he has drust properly. Otherwise try out Heilerde times to do in his water bowl then it tastes for him perhaps better than normal water and is healthier than puddles of water because there then no parasites (or other small creatures that sometimes are the cause of diseases) are in there. Otherwise it is not bad if your dog a few days does not drink as much as usual

First of dogs are sentient beings and suffer greatly if it's "pack" away and they feel rejected by her "pack". Thereby the overall behavior, including the eating and drinking behavior changed. It would be best if you could deal with it, so that it is deflected. By the time your parents are back home and the dog with them again, will return to normal behavior again. But watching him still as attentive, it's always helpful to see how it goes him.

I have seen it many times he has been drinking at least. A big bowl. With me not even half.

he might get to you another cat? With dry food dog drink more than wet food.

Many dogs (- as well as plants and some people;)) rather drink stale water than freshly filled from the tap.

I myself have had the experience that stale water soft taste and easy to drink a lot better :)! So I fill my every night plenty of fresh water in a carafe and a pot. Just try it out yourself!

You can therefore fill his bowl dinner fresh, so that the water is stale until the next day - maybe then he schmeckt's better;)!

Dogs drink generally not much. Stolen water (puddle) tastes better anyway. By this you can see that he did not die of thirst :)

Adjusting it towards clean water when he is thirsty he will drink ...;)

Perhaps he did not like the place. Parking at the apartment several times Bowls.

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