Dog does not like me

We have a dog, but it depends only on my mother, and my dog ​​always disappears when I come :( how can I create trust and that my dog ​​likes me too?

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You can try you for a few weeks consistently the dog feed them, no one else and otherwise run out of most pleasant for the dog things from you.

But some dogs are just very personal and draw certain people / generations from easy.

However, if he actively "duck" if you that's conspicuously come. If the dog is perhaps more cautious and you loud / fierce gestures go that he harassed or intimidated to feel?

My German Shepherd is from my nephew lively (7) rather annoyed and warps when coming in the door. He likes him already, only he is he just too loud and tiring in the long run.

Most dogs love denjehnigen going to run with them and / or playing. Of course, the food is also important - but that it is not matrimonial. The dog is looking out a in the family, which he considers his boss, this may actually even do things that are not that great and still is its "head".


To befriend an animal or dog you apparently do not really like, it requires patience and time. "Treats" offer always bring good to the dog to you to (force). Maybe the dog is a bit shy and does not fast on other people a. Often pet and that start slowly. Time hand hold out and see what's happening

So it is so that they build in house pets or animals in general primarily a relationship to the people who will provide them with fodder. you can assume that, yes. and so give treats, just a * schkriechen ^^

a dog usually chooses the person as a caregiver who makes a lot with him. The does occur a sovereign, gives him security and clear consistent rules set before without violence. Occupy yourself more with the dog, makes adventure walks, practicing tricks at home in conjunction with treats, play together. Have a task together. Take time feedings. Something also is not within a week, as a human / dog bond, build trust months long! Have you ever been naughty or mean to the dog? Something feels an animal and remembers it well, you were loud or gross unconsciously towards the dog?

hi, I myself had this problem with my dog ​​... Basics: A dog is worth one (top dog) that is I think your mom. Therefore thou shalt the dog in certain tone say what he should initially.

it sure sounds as if I want to hate the dog you (lie) to a dog is happier when he was a top dog has, because he knows what he should initially. sunning it stands is only helpless! So just as with wolves (alfa wolf ruden) :)

This comes from alone. Just have patience. Maybe sometimes play with the dog or bring him a treat.

Hello !

Tasty Eating, treats, etc. :-))!

But make sure that the dog is not fat :-))

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