Dog does not like to cuddle

Hello! Since the end of the summer holidays we have a Pomeranian in the family. He has now settled in and gets along well with all family members. Nevertheless, he never wants to cuddle properly. I know dogs are not stuffed animals, but other dogs do something but happy or not? Although he always wants to sit on your lap or next to, but he never wants to cuddle. Could it be because he was not treated well by the previous owners or am I doing something wrong?

thank you in advance

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"Could it be because he was not treated well by the previous owners or I do something wrong?"

No, not yet - if the dog likes to sit on your lap or next to the family members, everything is fine. Troubled dogs would do something rare.

You've said yourself, dogs are not stuffed animals. Some dogs LOVE to cuddle, some like it, some want it only make when they feel like it and some protest. Rejoice that he is at least on your lap or neber someone for many it is so simply lies down on his bed and is good. Maybe it has indeed something to do with the previous owner, but it's not you. You can force him in no case! If he does not, then he will not! You may it never compel otherwise he could sometime later remember and then makes the not what he intended.

Toy Spitz need a lot of employment and education, otherwise there will be little the only yapping. Not like cuddling and every dog, also are not stuffed animals ... every dog - whether big or small - needs a lot of exercise and employment. Dogs want to be rare beschmußt but rather caressed and entertained. Depends on the dog if he likes to cuddle or not.

Try going with him to the dog school or do agility, makes animals and people having fun ... enjoy.

Just a Spitz is verschmußt not particularly. You should keep in mind before you bring a dog. Ours is a French Bulldog German Shepherd mix. The super verschmußt. French bulldogs are usually like that. In a Spitz is likely not the case. Thus, if not you special mainly in the breed.

not every dog ​​wants that. our big ruede where you think he does not want to cuddle, wants all day cuddling, tried with his 65 Kilon also to lay shot. our delicate ruede would like rather lie alone, and with him one thinks he could cuddle all day.

My Chihuahua is now 12 and has never been the Hugger. He may also very rarely on lap and couch.

If he wants to cuddle, we have semi-crawl with in his deck, he likes, but is not very convenient for us. ;-)

Not every dog ​​loves cuddling.

Not every dog ​​wants to cuddle ... and no dog muss..mein dog can even cuddle if he has loss

Some like the others do not! Just as with humans!

I were a dog, I would not want to cuddle, that would be awkward for me.

You have your own question answered: "I know dogs are not stuffed animals ..." You find yourself in your dog with it. The dog does not want what you want; and that's okay.

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