Dog does not like visitors!

Hello, I have a Tibetan Terrier bitch is now 4 years old. We can do with it all and it does not interfere too but once visitors arrive she barks at them and when the want to touch it can grab. Or I was once in the village of the separations've looked at and all at once she makes a leap forward and tweaks a man in the legs. but I do not know what to do, did you have any tips for us ?! Looking forward to answers Lg

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oops, I know - my had just beginning the same problem (came out of the shelter and had probably once had a bad experience). We have multiple made: (get or visit) first really often taken the dog with among people - then she realizes that this is perfectly fine and no need to worry. Second, no "extra theater" when she got her wild stage - you do not have extra-reinforcing / rewarding the behavior yes. Thirdly, the people were informed beforehand and have just also largely left the dog at rest - by fall this whole "och the sweet is - Cuddles attacks" stranger people ever gone. Fourth, the dog was just kept out particularly stressful situations - you do not always and anywhere with you if you previously know that it is bad stressful him there. And so has the "problem" then pretty soon improved considerably.

Sounds as if the dog with you the boss: / What has your husband been doing before it was tweaked by the dog in's leg? If he moves, he wanted to go somewhere else?

If a dog tweaks its holder or its visitors, the person often does not recognize what was the trigger. To me it sounds like there's a problem with the dominance of your Terriers. Probably did your husband anything that did not fit the dog - a twinge usually means something like "Hey, where are you going, what's Have I allowed this / / to do that?"

A few questions that can can determine whether a problem exists dominance:

- If you go for a walk or your husband you both with the bitch / where running the bitch? Around the front? Or at your side, or the back?

- How obedient is the bitch? Does it always what you ask or listen to them only "if she wants"? ;)

- What is their posture when visitors come into the house? Depends the rod or is it upright, the chest is out stretched, positioned ears or what other features are there? be able to interpret postures of dogs properly, can greatly help to identify triggers for problems!

- She introductory lot when you are traveling or orients itself only with the ears and eyes?

- How do the visitors when they enter the house? And how verhälst you / you act then?


How long did the dog know? If you expect visit to bring peace in, I would put on the dog as the very first thing a light harness and a lightweight string or short leash because attaching. To first storm to avoid door. Furthermore, the dog will be transported to its place. Choose this from his roost / retreat. if that goes well with a command and how well the dog in "permanent" there remains must be well trained and strengthened. Power of Dog Theater, he is out without comment to his seat. This demands patience and a lot of rest. This can ever take 20-30 x has until the dog understood what you want from him. Shouting or with commands such as "from" and "no" to push the dog usually even more, so bring nothing. If you are unlucky, your linked the negative attitude with visitors and what comes out at, you have now. Just ask friends or acquaintances who would play the victim, so you can practice inzinierte visit. When visiting expected in the future, then I'd say the visit in advance. The dog is ignored and left alone. If it shows during the visit time and interest approaches curious visitors, you can each time a treat in your hand give them what they then plop on the floor. He linked something positive with the people. But watch your visitors should make the comment, not a stroke or look at, just throw Leckerlie down. Homework: 1.hund not be close to the door, that he ever does not know the situation. 3.kommando send 2.Übungen the dog to its resting place permanent practice Very, very important is your dog the desired behavior, then confirm him and reward him. Take best treats ago.

Is there anything to Einafets2808 description, so that you lie very true.

After Cesar Millan methodologies You should not work, because believe me Your dog is definitely smarter than he propagated alleged dog training tips.

Second, consider your dog does not do to annoy you, and certainly does not make it there because it does not recognize your supposedly higher position in the hierarchy, because such may be just as below mentioned form only under the same species. The man is a man and the dog is a dog and the dog knows, of course.

These are behaviors that occur around the dog to provide relief and bring to this relief are to be exactly 4 shown: 1. Freeze = solidify 2nd Fiddle about od also called Flirt = jump resistance 3. Flight = escape and 4. Fight =. Struggle.

Freeze and Fidlle about / Flirt are mostly naturally inadvertently overlooked by the holders, escape is prevented in most cases already alone through the canvas, that is, the dog knows of course that it does not come off and can therefore also show no escape behavior, so what remains now the dog at all last place, just the "fight".

This shoot and tweak forward says the opposite, come to me no closer, otherwise I'm serious.

It makes in this context little sense after a supposed dominance behavior your dog to ask, because as already mentioned above which is not only outdated but also mutatis mutandis nonsense to think of it now punish the dog or to remember the dog would do to communicate to you that this person runs there in the street / standing / sitting your dog belongs.

Such behaviors arise simply because the dog just not know how to continue and because you as a holder not give him enough protection and escape possibilities.

This does not mean that you should let your dog off the leash but that you aufzeigst come distancing to trigger her otherwise opportunities for their over desired destination namely.

One possibility would be described within the apartment as already Einafets because there is of course no possibility of the removal of the dog, but if you want a quiet place suitable building that from now on there is in this increasingly pats and also much fodder, then the dog has the possibility insofar as the visitors do not follow him to seek this and can come down there and feels there probably.

As for outside the behavior, so it is important that you act as a blocker between you and the timer. You should not go threatening to your dog but you rather turn your back before you, also should train only in the apartment and then increase the deflection gradually.

In addition, I would recommend you take your dog not in confined spaces filled with people, because there can be more quickly to aggressive behavior come due to the overstimulation that takes place there.

Everything else I would advise you to look for a clever, well-trained dog behavior therapist / tin Dog Trainer / in the / working nonviolently.

We here can not see the behavior of your dog, a requirement imposed rod but with raugestreckter chest is definitely anything but "I'm the boss," at one point but I must agree namely where it is really helpful, the body language of dogs to interpret learn only that many, unfortunately already kläglichst fail if it even comes to the most basic things, such as filters, for example, the ears forward what z. B. describes one and only without big picture once only taxis (orientation reaction) to an attention-catching noise.

Ask silane Millan or so

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