Dog does not stop bein walk

My Dog is a Bolonka Zwetna and soon 5 year old. He hears at home pretty good, except when we visit. So, but the walk when we meet a dog, he hears naught to me and gives me no attention. He pulls on the leash, squeaks, growls or barks and ignored me. Whether I take him aside, I imagine him, tell him a command or try to steer with treats his attention back to me, he responds to nothing and plays completely crazy. I do not know what to do yet, so I'm more important again as the other dogs, have you any advice?

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Maybe you take it to the trailing leash and then may return they "pull" when another dog comes. By listening perhaps you can the train in a dog school OAU)

I have resigned myself to the extent with my order. I take short and IGNORING her fuss.

Of course you can stand up and as with Clicker Training (just ask Google aunt) train, but because you need patience.

My Growls now only making 1 x WUFF if the other dog is over.

unabhänigdavon that your dog wurde-- not educated why should they since have no contact to other dogs - it is then bite or will they just go to contact to take what indeed wäre-- perfectly normal sounds as if you had fear that you could pass through it or what they would do what the other. geh times. with him in a dog school and learning there the language de r dogs, so you can communicate with it so that YOU understand

is de r dog leash permanently on, not even allowed to run the free ?? then you let at least enough leak by enabling her anbringst a long lunge and they can move outside in free nature free so, heights that you must be afraid that they will run away. also mental workload they need certainly - also sounds all so titled requirement at -

Either you practice with the dog again like in the early days ...

or: log in to a course in dog school where one precisely tailored to your problems ...

And incidentally:

do you know the word education?

It reads indeed almost as should the dog for 5 years do what he wants ...

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