Dog dog NOT buy?

Hello, we have a beautiful dog dogs seen, who came from the standard French relief for dogs and was formerly bound in Greece on olive trees and thus should scare the sheep, no idea why they do this stupid, he is castrated vaccinated, chipped. Could still appear many diseases through the negative past?

Currently: approx 2 years old.

The best answer

buy dog ​​of dogs NOT

Your mother wants a small dog, you want a German Shepherd, now it is to be an emergency dog ​​from abroad .... to you have no time for a dog.

https: //www./frage/ab-welchen-alter-hund-kaufen---hundesalter- foun ...?

Just leave it until you're grown up and earn your own money and really have time for a dog!

Probably he should rather scare goats there as wild and climbing on trees and eat everything.

The dog must be tested for Mediterranean diseases like leishmaniasis or so you can trade / treat accordingly. It should also be watched if he Girardien, which may be favored by poor diet. With further Krankhieten you must not expect, he should have a Mittelmeerkrahnkheit who Teirschutz will say this, or if you yourself can test, you can negotiate might cost sharing. With us dogs from the Mediterranean countries are already tested at the shelter.

Your first question I proceed. Just like the answer of shooting bulb. I myself have a small dog from a Spanish slaughter and would again at any time a dog take from abroad. But ..... Man heaps must have time. No one knows what the animals have been through. I was lucky with my, who was and is loving. but Kenne other dog owners only Stresy with their dogs have and had. This can happen when a also not to bring a dog from an animal shelter. Power you only times thinking if you have any time and patience. Because time and money should be enough yet to be the dog needs. My came vaccinated, chipped etc. Nevertheless Ta costs as he has allergies.

want when you want to buy him / adopt, you should only let him check up at the vet. what mentally in it do not know is happening to her. "You should pick NEVER dogs from abroad.", Is wrong. I myself 2 from abroad. (Turkey and Greece) of course you can also get a very "distraught" dog, but that is also in the animal shelter.

I have and would always bring dogs from abroad Nottiere. Are the best characters that you could wish for. And usually much healthier than many pedigree dogs !!

One should buy NIE dogs from abroad.

In the German animal shelters sit million dogs, who have longed for a chance.

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