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my 2 little twins go now itself potty. Often I do not see when they make tooth. But they come running up and say they have made into the pot. Now I have often caught my dog ​​(male) as empty drinks / ausschleckt the potty. I sent him the same but he does it again and again. Before I because now the vet run, I wanted to ask if that is bad and why he does it. One probably has indeed jmd learned from you.

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Many dogs drinking and eating human faeces, there are there still a lot of nutrients. Best if the kids were on the potty, evacuate right away. The dog has no chance. The children without a dog on the potty can, eventually no one likes a schnuffelnden dog between his legs have do the business :-)

because he has the opportunity. Schütte the stuff away. The can not distinguish between drinking bowl and Pipitöpfchen. Tastes better than well water. Depending on how much he has taken it to be. Observing whether he acts sick. call in doubt the Falls veterinarian and ask.

This has also made our dog today. Must have been tasted. On lack of water, it has certainly not located.

This is normal in dogs. Some also eat the feces of other animals, the "fresh", the better. Perhaps he simply like the taste. Wen your children are healthy, it is for him no risk.

Our dachshund has now taken over the potty emptying. It was not the lack of water. Tastes better apparently.

Maybe he does not have enough water ?!

my bitch is also totally on human excretions. over taste can we know, do not argue. also klowasser seems to taste better than from the line. but do not let it be. also parfum is very popular in the dog world. last week she had "dead fish" created.

vet unnecessary! lg

Your dog will not get sick of it if he times schlabbert children Pee ... Dogs take sometimes much worse and ekligere things to be ...

You have to also not just encourage that the dog is drinking urine.

It has now happened once - that's not so bad, even if it happens again ...

But now you know when your little bipeds come running you have to be fast - after all thy children are praised for pee's tooth and not the dog for ausschlabbern's ...

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