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Dear friends, what do you think, can you

ARTHROPLUS capsules also give an older dog, or is about gefährlich`?

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Please give your dog only medicine after consultation with your vet -the dose and quantity must be calculated for your dog!

The mistaken many ingredients and tools you I would not recommend this for your dog. If your dog has problems with the musculoskeletal system, you can give him as Canicox 100 GR tablets. The specially just for older dogs, and you get it at the vet. Should it be a bit cheaper ;;;; I always order at - fütternundfit -. Our dog she already gets prophylactically for 1 1/2 years. My friend it gives your dog arthritis sufferers a bit longer, and they help him very well.

also give an older dog ARTHROPLUS capsules

No, drugs for humans are not destined for animals and can on the animal organism have a completely different effect.

If the dog examined by a veterinarian and what exactly has been diagnosed?

If not, you can not just type what what is not intended for it and without knowing what might be missing the dog!

If your dog has health problems, place the dog in front of a veterinarian! This is the dog then prescribe a suitable preparation.

The ultimate remedy for joint disease and for the prevention of diseases, it is the skeletal system Grunlippmuschel. Are there many online stores. easy Aunt Google ask. definitely not something to give pills just because the advertising Mafia good times speaks a word again.

anything to discuss with the vet!

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