Dog eats grass

Hi, what does it mean when my dog ​​their food does not touch, but a lot of grass has eaten on the morning round? So far, it has neither diarrhea nor constipation, but loud abdominal noises. LG, Clapa

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Hello. Make vieke. My makes it and it's got a grass allergy. If you have only a dog let the food stand times. Will there be touch. If not even tomorrow or ümorgen to the vet. Hope could help

This means that she has a stomach problem. Something indigestible in the stomach or an intestinal problem. Grass is eaten then normal, the grass, when it is hard enough for a irritate the stomach to vomit, on the other hand, the intestinal passage of whatever ease.

Often the grass eating already enough, the dog helps himself, then he should until evening or by tomorrow again have an appetite.

but loud noise belly

if that happens more often and he also eats grass, you can assume that your dog has a stomach problem.

Go to the vet and let him investigate. From alone is something not better.

That she felt a problem in the stomach area, helps against which grass - and as an emetic.

Of course, she wants to eat anything she wants to first make the empty thing.

Pure nature happens, let them make, they know what is good for them.

My dog ​​eats his 14 years grass while walking and doing fine.

Perhaps a cow in the bitch is in there? :)

No, if dogs do that, this is completely normal, they need the even. You do not need to worry.

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