Dog eats greedily and everything

My Golden Retriever (female, 5 years) eats her feed too fast and when it is morning and evening so far, she runs down the stairs to her napf. She breaks determines again the legs! You may also not be horse droppings to feed so many times I berate also. Your greed they can not suppress easy. A scoop (200g) dry food she has eaten in less than 7 seconds. How can I change this?

The best answer

Dogs are among the Schlingfressern. It is normal.

Just inhale Goldies like everything what comes under the nose.

There are several ways the dog the slings something wean. One would be a Antischlingnapf, which I think very little.

The next would be to combine the food with exercises so that the dog must work out the lining. Say Dummytraining, or various commands to train and feed them out of the hand.

The other times would be to offer the dog a decent feed. Either high-quality wet food with at least 60% meat or directly Barf. When Barfen one still has the advantage that all the pieces you can take meat with a bag or a glove in the hand and the dog must bite it is. So I did it with meienr. Beautiful pieces and hold. If Goldi you can actually even feed a bovine ear etc. Since the dog has really long to do with. The hard head on, making the dog tired, power teeth clean and he can not swallow.

Dry food does not come into our house, because it has too many disadvantages.

How can I change this?

You can split or feed the dog from a Antischlingnapf daily ration on several small meals. This prevents eat too fast.

Feed Simply several times a day but just in smaller quantities, which is concerned it is the feces difficult it would have been to offer an alternative. Any practicing with rewards ... etc.

Actually not at Goldenretviver and Labradors sin true eating machines if you give them something, it is the same way

I have a labrador umd in which it is just that with the Sch ....

has seizure my ever made easy with the leash pull then used to them it is for a time after. but with the speed of eating you can not control.

Hope I could help

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