Dog eats not, what now?

What do I do with my dog ​​if he eats nichit more?

The best answer

  • How old is he.
  • How long has this been going?
  • What you feed up to date?
  • If it shows any other abnormalities?
  • Did he in pain?
  • Have you been to the vet?

go with him to the vet. If a dog does not eat he's bad, he may have hurt. how long he eats no longer? he behaves differently than usual? Please do not wait, go tomorrow to vet. when it comes to him very bad you should still in an animal hospital drive so your dog will be helped quickly. He did not deserve to suffer it.

Maybe he does not like the food more

With your rather scanty information, we can give no other advice than the dog to go to a vet / ride ...

Much more important than to eat, it is for the dog that is always sufficient fresh water available.

Anyway, let make no remote diagnostics. Especially not with this detailed description. If you are unsure and the dog must be brought to a competent physician.

driving to the vet immediately can not think about what his serious !!!! had ever seen such a case and it was what serious IMMEDIATELY FOR VETERINARY !!!!!!!!!!

In any case urgently to the doctor !!! At that time, our dog has not eaten, we went to the vet and it turned out that he has bloodstream but :( want to do not be afraid now that could be less bad

Go to vet ?!


Please go to the vet - it can be anything, intestinal obstruction, poisoning ...

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