Dog eats only treats (Chihuahua)

What to do when a dog eats only treats / takes? Despite fast he never eats on his head lining, rather accepts only so 4 pellets thereof to be and that's it. He is a great Chihuahua long hair. At first he liked to Barf gefuttert and now he refuses extreme, as I said DESPITE "starve." In addition, he likes only the extremely expensive treats that are low-cost something also rejected despite having initially ate times / attempts. I offer him, he rejects from, I will not lie well. Moreover, it sometimes succeeds the sausage sandwich from my daughter here to snatch away. Vegetables eats my dog ​​also like, even salad. If I have extra thing cook for my dog ​​he eats only when something spices is. Does it hurt because my dog ​​if he does not change his diet and I get stuck with all my methods? he hungered As said already repeatedly and then he ate from the 4 pellets only 8. I'm done. Especially since the spices for example. (Salt) so the kidney harm. When I read through my many dry food information then just scrap is because most real in it. In the treats (expensive) is mostly because 80% duck the rest beef inside. Is it perhaps because? thank you in advance

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Since it has a feed spoiled dog educated. Can the dog when you are consistent enough to wean. First of all you need fixed feeding times. Mornings and evenings would be good. If you already have not. Then around it's not, neither cheap or expensive treats. Or Treats are earned and developed. Simple basic obedience exercises or tricks. And the sausage bread of the daughter is also taboo. Also care should be taken that would otherwise not have access to where Fressbaren has the dog. The staple food should be limited to one in the first place. Is there with you TF, then there kibble. You put down the cup, what the dog eats, he eats. What remains is removed after 10 minutes without comment. The complete bowl is placed way. The same game in the evening. Believe me, no dog is starving the full cup. Even if he whines or is nothing in between. The first pull through like that. It may take no less than 3-4 days, until the dog has once made a complete bowl empty. Ma not worry, even if the dog several days does not eat well, which does not fall just around or starved. Problem is with something, you will be weak and thinks "oh my poor dog who eats nothing" then you spice the food or give rather cheap expensive treats. Your dog has learned that if he refuses there is always something better out there. The staple food is not pimped, neither with cream cheese something else. That remains as it is. Also you might like to cook something fresh, it is not additionally spiced. Food stand, take 10 minutes way. Should then see after 20 minutes his feeding place your dog. Not weak are and stand up again. This portion is served again until the evening. Done. Are you consistently, that's a quick thing. In addition, you should make you think about the diet of your dog. From barf on TF ?? Either ... or. My advice remains the Barfen. fresh rumen or omasum, spurned no dog.

Hi you are you because 100% sure that the daughter not to hire more food to the dog "loses"? I would think that he still eats elsewhere what. Ask me how such a small can steal a sandwich ??

And what I do not understand why the Barfen on dry food ?? Know the actually just reversed .... also know no one who goes back on what worse from BARF? Was he possibly sick and the feed was changed because of it?

As a tip I can only give you the cause to find out, so he should not have been ill be crossing the week are times to the vet and let him by checking whether teeth, teeth etc times at least in order. Because that is completely adjusts the futttern very strange and may also indicate a disease.

The daughter I would talk possibly also again to watch what they eat at all are the dog ... a Chi needs so damn little as sufficient under certain circumstances an entire occupied butter bread with tidbits way and he eats nothing because he is already tired ,

Dry food, I would if the composition is so bad replace or Barfen try again against a Feuchtfuttter. Maybe even the first day just trying green rumen perhaps with a little cottage cheese / yoghurt and beetroot (appetizing) offer.

At feed I can give you a few who list found my very dolle that has namely also as a fussy nature and since the beginning of the year up to mixed feeding (BARF and wet food), really should only eat fresh, but unfortunately I am too forgetful , therefore ... can I have got a few come to taste the cans to and satisfied I was with MACs and GranataPet also Real Nature Wilderness goes in. ordered this I had Rocko, which is roughly in the quality in near Rinti which have inhaled laughing my'm somewhat skeptical because the lining scary smells liverwurst, but maybe not so wrong for a picky dog. Otherwise, there are also Delis Best now as a sausage dog that will be a complete feed in the form of a sausage, which could feed as delicious so, perhaps that would be comfortable for the small? This has 80% meat of chicken, horse and Co with potatoes or millet ...

So standard dog was even worse ... he has left the food and waiting stand he only delicious things get .my dog ​​trainer said if you give him the food he does not take much or smells and goes away you need to immediately before the meal had eyes take off and he gets nothing! A dog starved not before a full cup and behold 1-2 he once made now eating his food

My dog ​​almost the same problem option you should Leckerlies first omit try it with natural sausage you under dry food shuffle or you can stand (ie the dry food) or they approve treats sometime he Friest they have to believe me no dog there simply would starve who eat in front of him he's just '' used better ,, and cheap it does not take so on (Attention sugar can dogs were, addictive) or you try it with wet food or a Vaganen dog or you cook in just which of course so without salt and was characterized but he spoiled holding more and I would not advise you

I hope I could help you

Lg Sayo

I read a little out that your Chi is also somewhat older date and is just as much went wrong with you, as our.

blank With starvation has not worked in our. 5 days not eat (and drink), because it bends as a holder.

My refused Nafu and cooked when the meat which is attached. When he eats, then Trofu where we also have the full range through. Treats were always taken.

We have now reached the highest level of denial. He eats mostly only at night and thus only about half the daily ration. He has taken from 3100 g to 2700 g.

Main problem now * Morning sickness * - total acidity. He smells the food and it is evil.

Now he gets 3x daily an acid blocker and is 3x eat a day. Since he did not want to eat, I like this statement from TA best. GSD is his weight lt TA still in the green zone.

He is fit, chasing the ball and lining bag. Seeking his food and plunders his intelligence toy - just eat it does not.

It's hard to give you here some advice. I think you'll like just as we must wade through the dog's life.

I wish you strong nerves and that you have more success as we are. ;-)

If you always give him what he likes, if he refused to eat his else that is quite clear. The noted but that he gets the good, expensive treats if he does not touch his bowl. Thus you reward him. Let the treats away and alternate him only his main feed back. Ifs after 5 minutes is not empty, the cup is coming off and the next meal go back. No lining in between, he has to get used to the fixed feeding times.

I guess the reason is that your dog knows it something better is if ore gets his normal feed, and it may also be the sugar in the expensive lining is that makes dogs addictive .So no treats and if he be lining is still not then bratte dog and cook potatoes because you can not stand dog again (WITHOUT GEWÜRTZE)

Maybe it's not at all the food? Sounds so funny that a dog is hungry a week and still does not want to eat ... Maybe he has a toothache and can not eat? Or stomach problems etc. I'd precaution times the veterinarian for advice, because it can not continue if your treasure does not eat ...;) Best wishes and good luck!

I would give him nothing more than a food. When every thing better than getting his food, it is clear. Vorallen because he eats eat his yet.

If he takes the fodder when he worked for it as a reward?

Take some dry food and some Teewurst and knead the mess ordendlich. First little dry food and much Teewurst ect. Then so gradually less Teewurst

What food is because his main feed? Have you ever Wolfsblut or Platinum attempts wet food? Salt in moderation does not harm the kidneys, dry food does.

Wet food is generally better accepted because it smells intense.

Look at fefutter on the meat content. Must be at least 60%.

Otherwise, try again barf and start with uncooked meat on. If he does you reduce gradually the degree of doneness, until it is raw again.

Does he not also, you really can give it time to try a vegetarian diet. In a normal dog, I do not believe, but if he is nothing else, that would be worth considering.

Lasse times off the treats. If he gets hungry he eats again the normal feed.

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