Dog eats wood

My dog ​​(new, 2, 5 years) always brings sticks, bites in and swallows small pieces. How harmful is it for? lg

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It's not so good. It can if it is acute because gastrointestinal endure. Or put across and block the passage in the intestine for example. Give him chew a replacement for. But nothing with bones. My dogs get for example pigs ears, or chewing bones of pedigri. Dried chicken, dried liver. Lauter stuff

Each dog is looking for something to "nibble". In the wild, they are mostly bone, if it is not enough, seek what is similar, often wood. Is normal and absolutely harmless. Unless he has quite hungry. I hope not? Also: A dog does not eat, he eats. This privilege is reserved only human.

If all goes well, pasiert nothing. But it may also be the perforated a pointed part his trachea, stomach or intestines.

Since nothing happens, as long as there are no crowds and the wood is freshly painted.

This is normal to make all dogs make yourself as no thoughts

Nimms prefer him away!

Fair is not good for him .... go to the doctor

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