dog EOS (lips care) eaten

My dog ​​has eaten my eos. Only the care that not it toxic for him? Should I rather have a ride to the vet

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I've had the experience with things eaten, that it depends on the height of the dog. My German Dane has already eaten half a cool battery and a gingerbread heart and is doing fine. If you have a small dog I would look on the internet which ingredients are good not at all and then you can decide whether you're going to the vet or not still. I say from the feeling that that's not bad. I think once he gets diarrhea, hand known helps chamomile tea, lean meat and carrots.

It depends on how big your dog is. In a Chihuahua or Pomeranian likely a whole Lippenpflegestift cause already bellyache and diarrhea, which would simply not be a problem with a German Shepherd.

Keep an eye on him and give him a precaution Sikapur stomach - a Darmgel according to its size. This helps to avoid diarrhea and gastritis.

Generally in doubt if it is bad he was feeling = veterinarian!

a poisoning he should have probably not captured, it should ev. durchfall getting are dogs stomachs with more acids equipped than the people that are getting the eos already small ...

So the vet needs precaution not be sought only when the dog except diarrhea are other changes which I do not expect .. my dogs have eaten so much that seemed much more dangerous than a lip care stick.

Time observe whether it appears the animal to go bad in the near future, if so definitely to the vet.

No definitely not. yes there are no toxic chemicals. And the amount is very small.

Krass, my has also done this 3 times, although I had also hidden !! The need really so worm, how they smell: D I do not think it's bad, that he has done nothing ... LG

What are the ingredients there for it?

Is a fatty substance .... normally you must ask as worry. However, he will get a nice Dünpfiff. Manipulated him enough water to and run ne extra round .....

You and him all the best

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