Dog eye Hurt. What now? Veterinarian necessary?

My dog ​​has a range visible in the right part of the eye reddish discoloration after an attack of the cat. In addition, a little liquid (probably tear fluid and blood) expired. I do not know whether they will be taken directly in the eye or has deviated but their eyesight not seem limited. What now? Simple home remedy or veterinarian?

The best answer

Please go to a hospital or to a specialist. With the vision you do not play. Have we learned the hard way.

Please examine let whether something bad was injured or possibly occurring through the scratch + IOP can happen. Something kan out wirklcih bad.

Under no circumstances any home remedies. I would imagine in any case as soon as possible to a veterinarian.

Cat scratches (and it usually) be highly infectious. Just in gebudddelt the toilet and hey presto, the dog scratched through the eye ...

Do not wait. Eyes are too important! :)

Simple home remedy or veterinarian?

for such violations there any simple home remedies and it would be irresponsible, something to apply on the eye!

Ride tonight to an animal clinic and let the injury medical care!

Veterinary clinics have round the clock emergency service. You should immediately so act your dog does not have to suffer needlessly! Eye injuries are very painful!

wassollen there please help hausmittel ???

makes you on to the next animal hospital! only there, the warden investigated professionally animal clinics .. have a 24 hours

So excuse me please: you sit in peace of mind to the computer and tippselst here a question one can answer none of us ???

This time you could use to be able you rauszusuchen the phone number of the duty emergency veterinarian ...

Pack the dog, and then going on - preferably in a veterinary clinic with 24-hour service - every child knows that with eye injuries is not to be trifled with. Just scratch and / or bites by cats are very dangerous and must be treated as soon as possible in any case !!!

But there's no home remedies

I would soon go to the vet

Picture please? otherwise we can you just go to the vet rates - not tomorrow or so but NOW ... when the eye is bleeding and it may RUSH is not commanded expires CALM ...

Very Pet Friendly to take the time to VOR care of your pet, in the nets to post.

From the vet .... also have emergency service

vet immediately.

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