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hallöchen hers!

I now had a real annoying conversation with a dog keeper. I work in a forest kindergarten and about 3 meters from our meeting place, has the woman let hinscheissen their dog. I have addressed it, that it's a little inconvenient (it has not even thought about it wegzumachen) da da play and fall for the children. the "nice" woman looked at me just completely goofy and said that one must not put it away in the forest. is that correct?

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Hey, 123handtuch123, also in the forest may no poisonous things or waste, what dog feces now time, are allowed to be stored or, even less regularly. Doing so could citizens also make the forest regularly oil change and tilt away their used oil in the forest, which is also a natural product - entstanden- of trees and you see it not even because it versickert.Das talk that many dog ​​crap that every day in the forest, field and is supported in green areas, should be of course, makes really pissed. Of course it is, if an animal as makes his business, where it lives (making all other pets so) and not that one when Pinkel- and Kackzeit is his pet and you know, it must take away from its own grounds, before or on the land of other people or in recreational areas, as currently seh make rviele dog owners. Of course it is also the way that ever poisoned meat lying around in the forest, constantly dying as wildlife and their poisonous flesh (including Botulinumerreger) is then also around in the forest. But why run dog owner then horrified and hysterical to the police if it is, poison baits subject around in the forest? The difference is perhaps the most if something takes overhand or even if it is done with intent. A dog owner who does not urinate at home and defecate lets his dog before he leaves his home with him, bringing the noxious, poisonous muck his dog with intent to public or private land. Many parents see the meantime so that the intentionally stored in the movement areas of children daily Hundehaufen represent poisoned baits for children and demand that you the sanctioned with the same seriousness, as if it is poison bait for dogs. "A poison bait for dogs", as they say, you have maybe one or two times a year somewhere. On the walk, the Kids have to go to kindergarten and primary school, there are about 150 poisonous dog droppings. We parents all year round poison baits alarm. Why most parents, leash their children, because it is the lesser evil in the car and prefer to go by car. And then the parents need to listen to the stupid drivel that children today have too little exercise and put up even subliminal accusations ... But interpret the poison baits, the dog owner for children, no cares in this state, while at "a poison bait for dog a wahnsinns palaver is made. Sick society in which even by the state dog more attention and protection than find our children.

Such discussions I have also frequently. I always bags about to let the dog do the business and grab the stuff one to destroy it in MY dustbin.


One day has dropped right outside my door on the grass strip a another dog. The keeper (I noticed that just keepers fear of contact and to fine for something like feel) immediately turned (has indeed seen me with a dog, so I'm a comrade) and wanted loslatschen.

Since I arrived Frechdachs and asked you, you still want to remove the pupukaka own dog.

She was very erzornt and meant that you pay dog ​​tax. Thereupon I advised you that I also pay the tax, yet the legacy my Berner-Sennen removed. then you could always find more excuses not to bend over and remove the legacies of your dog until I you have gedeut a sandwich bag in his hand evil bad guy next door and said, "Remove the now or I'll call a the clerk's office and sign. ".

Briefly froze readily accepted my bag and filled it with the expressed your dog, the bag knotted to Fachmänisch.

I smiled at you, even said "that was now so hard?". You Countered with a "you're dead to me look" and said she had no time for the dirt and must immediately release.

I had run away with your time, because you wanted to discuss lächte back nice and wished her a good day, I turned around with my dog ​​so brave and went to the front door.

When I looked at her again I saw that she had thrown the bag together with excretions of her dog in the neighbor's garden (the neighbor has her later placed the lost bag in the mailbox).

I like like to stress that such behavior is like that provided by the TE question by every dog ​​owner. We also correct / clean dog owners do not tolerate such an action but also speak this and make these available like in the pillory.

The deer and the deer evacuate usually their stool well away not always. If there is a way, a barbecue place, a place a place in front of a cabin in the woods is something else, but in the brush, in the undergrowth, outdoor green is just natural.

Hello, 123handtuch123, this morning I have been shortly after seven o'clock on the road and there you could see them again, the dog owners, who live next to the forest, as they flocked in droves to the forest in order as Hunderin and dog feces should bring, (and are let) so that their own gardens, which have the dog owners there almost all, remain clean. This is intentional fouling and Contaminate of public green space, supposed to serve all citizens for recreation. Here in the forest, the forest kindergartens Breits are abolished because allles there vollgekotet of dogs and because there anleint not his dog. The city knows that, but the authorities do nothing for fear of strong and increasingly aggressive dogs lobby. DOGS ARE APPARENTLY IN THIS COUNTRY MORE IMPORTANT THAN CHILDREN. Right there in Germany only for powerful and loud lobby groups, the other at a disadvantage and can see where their rights are. Unfortunately, there is no association of non-dog owners, who works for the other citizens. Dog waste must be removed in the forest by law because dog waste contains many pathogens and is there brought in the type of dog ownership currently this pollution intentionally in the forest. If the dog is not allowed to do on the grounds of the landlord before the "walk", then it is clear that the dog does when he leaves the grounds of the owner, so it is clear that he is polluting public and foreign plots. It was time for an event to make this lProblematik and the ever annoying argument of Hundebsitzermit "hedgehogs, martens and Co" attention: On a specific date should arrange and open people on the Internet, their own garbage can spare and their organic waste in bring the wood and put it there: banana skins, potatoes, rotten fruit, organic waste just, like dog owners in dog poop always argmentieren eventually rot and waste, the Eichhönchen etc can also cause.

Hy, 123 towel 123, of course, it is also in the forest is not allowed to leave dog mess, especially since you have to view it as a direct attack on the health of children when dog feces, as usual, carried forward and dumped lately right there, where movement and scope of children are: untouched nature, in grass, leaves on trees, under bushes and especially often stand around many waste container in the forest. The authorities, unfortunately, usually do not act when dog waste is deposited in green areas. One should submit disciplinary proceedings here. The implementation of the laws in this regard dates from a time when dog owners still had a socially acceptable behavior when the dog has taken on Herrchens land, and as the dog poop was the exception in the forest, which has unfortunately changed after Pet Training its customers taught a behavior which tends only to the needs of dogs and after dog schools teach dog owners that the world best to be a big dog toilet, so the dog's olfactory impulses can live anywhere. It is grievous bodily harm if dog feces is where children play, stored, you should therefore go to the police. As dog owners their toxic dog feces mainly and deliberately put in the places from which we know that children will feel attracted them to scroll through and touch, (nature) is, so to speak, poisoned baits for KInder that filed by dog ​​owners for children there will. If dog owners believe they have found toxic bait that could harm their dogs, then they go to the police and strangely determined which then also, although dogs legally deemed thing. Our children are in this society apparently not worth that is here at last ensured that they are protected from toxic baits, place the dog owners for them daily. So I would go to the police and it insist that our children should receive the same treatment as dog: When poison baits against children investigation by the police. The press could this issue and the poorer usual treatment of children to the dogs pick up sometimes. The BILD would as certainly interested.

Since the forest road is public, it must also rid the dog owner, otherwise they may be punished for an administrative fine.

I think here it is not important if you have to store it or not.

This is about mutual respect and cooperation. Myself am dog keeper for me would be there in the situation, of course, without reference to clear away the dirt!

Unfortunately, many people roll today somehow different because everyone is himself the next ... sad.

Foxes, deer, rabbits and other makes in the woods and do not leave it. What's on dog feces differently? Cats also can make anywhere because nobody says anything. But woe to a dog makes even his business ...

Not true, it must eliminate pollution.

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