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I would be interested what you feed your dogs (Barf, wet food or dry food) and why? What do you think of the other types of feed? If you wet food or dry food feeding, I would be glad if you write the mark it!

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I must give quite MiraAnui. Barfen if done properly, is the best thing you can give to eat his dog.

However, I am vegan and I do not want to have to deal with raw meat. But a dog happens to be a carnivore and a vegan feeding is not an option. But I still do not really want to give the dog food burlap places my dog. Have I decided after a long search for the MaxidogVit beef from Reico.

This is a dog food in lebensmmittel quality and with a very high meat content. It is harder to get at first, but on http: // ... you can get it.

I hope I could you help a bit. Have a nice day, spring is in march :)

I barfe my puppy since he is with me. Because I want, that he may grow healthy and humanely and is nich raised artificially fast. I will feed them in no case more Trofu, so I have my last dog allergy lured with food that I then had to deal with her life.

I feed to Prey (prey principle) that I give meat, fat, bone, offal in approximately the proportions as present in the prey. From time to time there are also blood and skin it. No vegetables / fruit, no additives (other than Salmon Oil because Omega3).

I do this because I think it is the most natural and therefore the healthiest. My dogs were already gebarft the breeder and this, I have also placed value, because it is precisely the puppy the foundation of health is laid.

I know what's in the cup and can also adjust the depending dog.

Already more than 40 years the dogs of my parents were fed raw. They were always healthy until old age. Unfortunately, I did many years ago also meant compound feed would be better and easier. That was the only dog ​​who had allergies etc. - whether random or not. Since there are only raw. My dogs liked it, they tolerated it very well, the vet sees us only with an injury, because they are ill never.

However, there are with us no chemical wormers, no chemical ticks SpotOns and no vaccinations (except rabies). All this is also a reason for good health.

Dry food is not food that is an imposition on the canine organism and only for the laziness of man conceived.

I recommend Barf or quality wet food is as Platinum or wolf blood.

Important features are the following:

  • mindestes 60% meat (Little useless as lungs, udder, etc)
  • at least 15% fat (but hardly a finished feed)
  • no grain!
  • no sugar!

We feed raw, ie fresh meat. Of this she gets 2% of body weight, are at 16kg dog, 320g feed.

This looks like this:

  • at least 70% meat offal + + + bone rumen
  • it should 15 to 25% fat be contained
  • 30% pureed vegetables and fruits
  • quality oils (salmon oil to Omega 3 balance, linseed oil. Evening primrose oil, pumpkin seed oil, etc)
  • no grain!
  • no sugar!
  • little to no carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta, corn, soy, etc) Dogs draw their energy from fat, all other burdens the kidneys too.

More Infor check under

Barf would be the most sensible and healthy diet for the dog, when you know what's inside and experience the least allergies etc. Most already due to the omission of grain as it is etc the main cause of hair loss, allergies.

We feed Suki for almost 2 years so and it has since been much fitter, healthier and have better skin. With us nothing but more comes in the dog.


I teilbarfe because I'm a little Schusel unfortunately so often forget the meat to thaw: / After initial doubts as to which I have an effect on the digestive me just yet rangetraut times and probably also seems to go so that you are a part of raw and part just works with highly value-term wet food. Dry food get my not, they tolerated it just does not, no matter what brand.

At forage stands with me on the plan gebarftes so durchzogenes beef, green rumen, omasum, chicken liver, chicken heart, chicken necks, different meaty bones from young poultry and beef, cottage cheese, tuna, capelin, rabbit ears, guinea fowl and so on ... .the is just always upgraded with boiled rice or potatoes, grated carrots, fruits such as apples, bananas, vegetables like cucumber, lettuce etc ... If there are no bones to same I something with eggshell flour. In between, I get ready to do Barf what you only need to thaw and is then handled as wet food.

If I forget the meat again there alternatively GranataPet or MACs (I only rediscovered this month for my doggies :)) Before I have the Real Nature fed what my little bitch but somehow no longer tolerates and even it taste probably not more so the hit is, at least go there not more to it.

So I feed prefer dry food of high quality. That is, the food should consist of a high proportion of meat. I feed due brand Magnusson, which is a Swedish producer who may process only meat in food quality (which is in Sweden by law). The food is baked, not pressed. I am very happy with the food, it tastes our Border Collie excellent and he has a beautiful coat.

Ask 10 dog owners to THE best dog food and you get 11 different answers, as it must be exactly ;-)

I do not know why a Boheye killed right food must be always so. There everyone got to be able for himself and his dog itself to decide WHAT is the best / right. Sure, some cheap junk or other unhealthy fuss should not give you - you do not eat, yes, but probably himself, right?

also: what the dog gets a, perhaps the other can not tolerate. Why are such "polls" useless.

The best food is the one that gets the dog good! If the dog looks healthy, fit and active, no allergies, no coat problems then the feed is correct. But if a dog has a genetic predisposition to the age of 5 dying from cancer, then does not help even the best food!

I barfe, because then I know what's inside.

Even in Wolfsblut and Co is NEN lot of stuff that does not belong in a dog.

My dogs have indeed previously eaten dry food from Vetcancept, have also so far only tolerate my dog, it could not apply and has placed 5 heap at Tah. Now it is one

Dry food cold pressed.

What we do is long gone about what we make of it, but that our broker not starving to death.

I barfe my dog ​​.... when we are traveling to get sometimes a quality does feed with 70% meat / no crop / no sugar ...

So my dog ​​eats nothing but dry food ... It is us once nearly starved (was ne long time artificially fed) our dog has become now just 10 years old, and nuclear health, our Ta says always such beautiful white Healthy teeth would he had never seen. We also had no problems with the dry food ... the mark so we have even asked our Ta obs would make a difference whether man would buy the house brand of Denner or Expensive it offers. Then he said no, that Denner's product even slightly better than that from him and he recommends all the denner fodder which is also very very cheap (7 francs = 10 kilo about 6 euro) now does not think that I only on money I pay attention pay attention to the health of my Hundeso

2x 1x Barf lamb cooked with rice / carrot because the Omma is Futteralerrgiker

why Barf?

because it is better

Our Lienchen was poisoned and got 5 years specialized fodder, she slept 20-22sdtunden / day, unused medicine, wear incontinent ... Now she is gebarft for 1 year (because of the toxic effects Kompklexen we calculate the from professionals). Result: sleeping only normal, fitter more alert, has ideas, needs only 1/3 of the medication, no longer incontinent ... better is almost impossible.

I Fütter Nafu of O Canis, Rocco, Lucullus and Belcando. Trofu there are on the go and in the training of Wolfsblut.Ab ud to mal ne cattle Beinscheibe, -is quite good for the teeth. But generally Barfen I do not believe.

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