Dog fly alone (without accompaniment)

Can a street dog from Turkey the vaccinated, microchipped was traveling alone unaccompanied by Germany? If so .. which airlines? And how the whole thing looks then?

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You just need a sponsor who gives up the animal and it then takes along when the aircraft has landed. When my neighbor who also these dogs has taught the animals were taken from a stewardess. You have to ask times.

No, he is not allowed animal rescue companies looking -deshlab on flight paten!

you did not understand us when we wrote to your first question?

had a strassenahund, the limited contact to humans - is best provided locally. because you are doing the dog any good if you're letting them take care of him by friendly attentive people and his vet visit geonnst ... the out tear from his environment and spend to you is for the dog traumatic and everything else as well!

No, he must not

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