dog fodder substitute for a time

Hey am with my granny and wanted to feed grade there's me I have no fodder to the gefalken and now it's too late to go home What can I gehben him everything without having worry that it harms him

Thanks in vohrraus

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Is a little late for an answer. I am strongly opposed to unilateral feeding / selection at best. Feeding. 1. there is not in nature. 2. raises the organism too much on one and has problems with variety. 3. it can always come for some reason for forcibly change of feed. That's why it hurts the dog less from and deliver it to some of the healthy human diet. The digestive tract is then just in case prepared and react less with diarrhea. This could happen to your dog now. There is no harm if times a tag is not fed. Formerly pleaded literally for a day of hunger, but as the feeding was generally little different without industrial feed.

In a pinch, you can give him some pasta or rice boil without salt or Haferschleimbrei (oatmeal boil with water). However, not too much of it.

I think it's clear that you can exclude sweets ever. Furthermore, you should at meat make sure that it has no bones. The splinter namely and are therefore not good for the dog. Otherwise, meat (as long as it is not too greasy or salty) ok!

The shops are still open. Otherwise please feed meat and pureed vegetables. Not too bad spicy food scraps go. A dog can also sometimes fast one day. Tomorrow have operations that, either openly.

or if he can withstand it also cheese sausage or yogurt are ok.

For tonight you the dog a cup of yogurt or cottage cheese offer ... but it does not matter if a meal aausfällt.

Tomorrow you should early but then the first decent buy dog ​​food ...

If he times a day gets nothing that's not so bad. You can give him or sausage rice with chicken (if available) or you drive times just to the gas station. Yes

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