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We are actually Barfer and feed occasionally Platinum and White Fang. Are there better prepared feed for dogs (NaFu + TroFu)? I want to keep the Barfen and just need treats and artificial foods, just in case no longer there is meat etc.

The price does not matter and that no meat meal, no grain and no flavor enhancers and dyes may be contained.

Thanks for answers.

The best answer

I used myself as dried meat treats.

Then you just chop meat in the oven at 100 ° C and the door a gap leave, then leave 3 hours there.

I then do the closest weekend a big portion and keep the stuff in the cloth bag. My dogs love it and I know what's inside.

I also wither meat as a treat - turkey, chicken is wonderful - but liver etc is great. The dogs love it and it is healthy too.

I used to have as a replacement feed Trofu. But Platinum has any attractants inside and Wolfsblut just change the compositions - ie it is no longer so much meat in it as before.

Possibly would Nutrivet or Orijen something - have googling times.

As wet feed kannste the Queeny bring about This is 100% meat. But should also be given in an emergency only. Have I had earlier. If I sometimes forget to thaw, then I prefer to go to the supermarket and pick up something.

I would suggest you also own dried meat.

Otherwise, you already have two very good marks, I currently also no better known.

On wet food I can give you more AgiliaFit recommend, that's really a great food and there are very competent people behind it. Treats I've personally ever wolf blood and Platinum. Taste of the wild, Acana, Orijen and Porta 21 are also very good TroFutter.

why do you want to change something, that's good what are you doing?

my bitch is gebarft and gets as treats dried lungenstückchen (from rumen express)

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