Dog food, husky

What should a dog eat to be well fed (zb.calzium etc) and what is not likely?

The best answer

Barf or Prey. Importantly, this is all raw.

at least 70% meat offal + + + bone rumen

it should 15 to 25% fat be contained

30% pureed vegetables and fruits

quality oils (salmon oil to Omega 3 balance, linseed oil. Evening primrose oil, pumpkin seed oil, etc)

no grain!

no sugar!

little to no carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta, corn, soy, etc) Dogs draw their energy from fat, all other burdens the kidneys too.

you'll find more information, see or

What should a dog eat to be well fed

the best diet for a dog is BARF (meat-raw diet)! Google times thereafter and read you smart.

Feed such. B. Pedigree worthless. Something all contain too much grain and sugar, what dogs do not tolerate and makes you sick!

unless one googling. you are welcome

Especially meat (beef), some vegetables, potatoes. Oatmeal, little dried fodder crops.

What has got your Husky because the breeder?

... And Pal Mixer's to let probably grow up healthy diet a dog not suitable ...

Your dog needs meat, meat, and meat again - plus there's fruit and vegetables

No chocolate!

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