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In dog food often is "with improved taste". Who has tested it?

The best answer

They have since simply reingepackt more attractants and flavor enhancers. Tested is something ala Mars Corp in any laboratory dogs. = (

The food that is eaten the most, ists. In healthy composition precious little attention is paid here, however.

Dogs try something

The company Mars as has zutesten an animal experiment center to accurately sdowas. Fully redundant, especially because it has something to feed rauskomt this nichtsd to do with species-appropriate healthy food.

I believe that this is more of an advertising strategy.

There are people who try dog ​​food and are even paid. Without fun

No idea, - but I würds not verify, animal by-products with flavor enhancers and whisked meat is not sooo I lecker.-suppose. Otherwise: good Appettit)

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