Dog food to cook yourself?

Hello, dear community. I have a seven year old Jack Russel Terrier and feed him dry food from Frohlic. Meanwhile he gets diarrhea and I have read that it is healthy for the dog, the food to cook. Barfen I really wanted to not because my friend ETWS has it. Do you have some recipes for dog food? And what you give to eat your dogs? It weighs 10 kilos. :) Thank you :)

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I'd rather get him a good dry food. wolf blood for example is one, additives grain-free, no chemical. There are also grain-free, certainly not as bad trf at Fressnapf. there you are on the safe side.

if your friend has something against Barfen, then he will not cook myself find so appealing, because as you have to with meat and offal handling and can also do much wrong. So I advise you simply to change trf. Frolik was now really is not that the most amazing lining, some call it even as garbage.

No wonder, with the garbage. I'd also get diarrhea. Since only grain in it and still in dry form, ie bloat and gastritis are favored.

Healthy is not to cook for themselves, but everything is healthier than Frolic.

but Gekochtest feed brings you nothing, because the vitamins are to the heat there. Thus, you simply would the animal dead stuff feed without any nutritional value.

The only thing that is really good is Barfen. What is thy beloved because against the fact that you feed your dog healthy and humanely?

We Barfen.

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